Udaariyaan 10th February 2023 Written Update Ekam’s find

Udaariyaan 10th February 2023 Written Update Ekam's find

Udaariyaan 10th February 2023 Written Update Ekam’s find Ekam finds the secret basement where Advait has hidden Nehmat. Advait has purposely kept Nehmat in an unconscious state. Ekam questions Shamsher about the basement. He asks Shamsher why didn’t he tell him about the basement. He wants to know the way to the basement. He doesn’t wait for anyone and just runs to find it himself. Ekam enters the basement through the secret door. Shamsher prays that Advait hides Nehmat from Ekam’s sight. Ekam asks the police to search every inch of the place thoroughly. He doesn’t want any carelessness that can take away Nehmat’s life. Advait hides from Ekam when the latter reaches nearly close.

Shamsher and Rama don’t want any risk before Advait’s elections. Nehmat is still unconscious. Advait had injected the medicine to her. He puts her inside a broken bed structure. Ekam reaches close to Nehmat as well. Advait gets nervous when he finds Ekam removing the curtain. Ekam doesn’t see Nehmat there. Shamsher gets to see Nehmat hidden under the bed. He attempts to keep Ekam away from Nehmat. He tells Ekam that Nehmat isn’t here. Ekam asks him to let him do his work. Shamsher tells that he will see Ekam after the elections. Ekam tells that Shamsher can’t do anything against him. He wants to find Nehmat first.


He suspects Shamsher. He leaves from the basement, without spotting Advait and Nehmat. Shamsher and Rama get relieved. Naaz informs Sandhus that Ekam had messed the entire house while searching for Nehmat, he had stressed her in-laws. Rupy worries. Advait asks Nehmat not to try to escape, if she wants to be alive. Nehmat wants to go out and expose Advait. Harleen calls up Jasmin. She makes Renuka speak to Jasmin. Renuka asks for Harleen’s hand for Ekam. Jasmin isn’t sure, but agrees to the alliance. She boasts of her richness. Harleen doesn’t want Jasmin to disrespect Ekam or his family.

She asks Renuka not to worry, she will convince Jasmin, Ekam is such a hero that he can never get rejected. Ekam feels Kapoors are hiding something crucial. Rupy meets him. He asks Ekam to stop the madness, else Nehmat’s life will be ruined. He wants Nehmat to keep the marriage with Advait. He tells that Nehmat’s efforts will go waste if Ekam disrupts her life. Ekam wants to tell Rupy about Advait’s truth. He tells that he is doing everything for Nehmat’s safety. Rupy asks him to leave Nehmat alone and live his life. He wants Ekam to move on. Renuka grows upset on hearing them. She angrily slaps Ekam. She wants him to stop the madness at once.

Renuka and Mallika question him. Ekam tells that he is very sure, Kapoors are hiding Nehmat. He doesn’t care if he loses the job. He tells Renuka that Nehmat isn’t responsible for the wrong that occurred in their lives. He asks what proof does she want that he is moving on. Renuka asks him to marry Harleen. He doesn’t reply. Mallika supports Ekam in making him away from Nehmat. Advait finds Shamsher living from the house. He asks the nurse to give another injection to Nehmat. He doesn’t care if Nehmat loses her life. Rama asks him to stop his madness. She gets the food and asks him to have it.

He tells that he can’t wait inside the basement, he feels suffocated, he wants to go out and return in sometime. She asks him not to go anywhere. He tells that Shamsher has gone out, he will return in sometime when he feels relaxed. Rama worries that he is taking a big risk. Nurse stays with Nehmat. Nehmat gains consciousness. Advait conceals his identity when he steps out of the house. He faces a hurdle when he sees Nikhil’s car parked in front. He returns home to get Nikhil’s car keys.

Rama lies to Nikhil and Naaz. Nehmat attacks the nurse. She tries to escape. Nikhil questions Rama about the sound. Rama lies to him and sends him to his room. Nehmat injects the nurse. Rama goes to check on Nehmat. Nehmat tries really hard and makes a leave from the basement. She gets to see Advait parking Nikhil’s car. She hides inside his car. Advait doesn’t see her. She wishes to leave from his house somehow.

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