Kundali Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Update Kritika halts wedding

Kundali Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Update Kritika halts wedding

Kundali Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Update Kritika halts wedding Priyanka and Arjun get into an argument. He doesn’t tell her anything and goes away. Karan takes the help of the dhol artists and kidnaps Prithvi. They get Prithvi to the room. Karan and Prithvi get into a fight. Karan asks Prithvi to stop, and not run away like a rat. Prithvi tells that he is not a rat, but a cheetah, he is unstoppable, he will marry Preeta at any cost. Kritika runs to tell the family that Arjun isn’t in the mandap, Prithvi is trying to marry Preeta, he is in disguise, he has hidden his identity by putting a veil. The Luthras are shocked to hear that. Anjali is the most shocked person, when she realizes that she was going to marry a wrong man.

Earlier in the show, Mahesh asks Rakhi to be with the bride and groom. He takes Kavya with him. Sameer and Shrishti get the keymaker. Rakhi asks them to open the chest. The man tells that he needs 10 mins to open the lock. Prithvi gets stressed watching the new development. Sherlyn gets the help in time. The goons free Sherlyn and Karan. Karan asks them if they know any dhol artist. He asks them to call the dhol artist home to kidnap Prithvi. Karan goes to take a disguise of a dhol artist. He doesn’t see Preeta there. Priyanka doesn’t see Arjun. She hides Preeta from the Sardarji, unaware that he is Arjun. He thinks of telling her that he is Arjun. He decides otherwise, because he has no time to explain the matter to her.


Kundali Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Update Kritika halts wedding:

Priyanka asks Karan to leave from the room. He apologizes and makes a leave. Priyanka wishes Preeta stays unconscious till Anjali gets married to Arjun. She locks the room. Prithvi wishes the marriage happens soon and Preeta becomes of him. He thinks that their jodi is the best. Pandit asks him not to rush with the marriage. Anjali hopes that her mistake gets forgiven. She wants Arjun, because she loves him a lot. Prithvi tells that one can cheat in love, just to obtain the lover.

Anjali and Prithvi aren’t aware of each other. Karan reaches there with the dhol artists. Mahesh asks him to leave, because the marriage has commenced. Karan tells that he has come to end the marriage. Prithvi yells at him. Karan tells that the marriage will complete with them. Sherlyn also reaches in disguise. She tells that some delay is okay in the marriage, they are world famous Bhangra artists, they will rock the function. They perform the Bhangra. Prithvi and Anjali are worried.

The Luthras also dance with them. The goon takes Prithvi with him. Karan catches Prithvi and threatens him. Rakhi asks where did Arjun go. Karan tells that he has gone to washroom. He asks her to dance with him. The goons get Prithvi to the room. Sherlyn reaches there and asks them to leave him free. She faces Prithvi. He asks her why is she doing this. He shouts on her. He tells her that the marriage is really important for him, she should be happy and let him marry Preeta. She angrily slaps him. He also raises hand on her, but stops. He just threatens her.

He asks her to understand, he is already in trouble. He knows she is angered, because he is marrying Preeta. He tells that he has no time to explain her. He tries to run away. She hits a vase on his head. He asks her how dare she hit him. He bashes the goons. He catches Sherlyn’s neck and explains that he has to marry Preeta. She tells that she loved him and he cheated her. Karan comes there and kicks him to keep him in limits. He asks Prithvi what kind of man is he to raise hand on a woman. Shambu and his goons stay outside the house. Shambu gets an idea to take a disguise and enter the house.

He also wants to find out what’s happening. Prithvi asks Sherlyn is she in Karan’s team, Karan is his enemy. He warns her. Karan asks him to talk to her. Prithvi and Karan get into a verbal spat. Prithvi wants to get away. He tells that he will marry Preeta at any cost, they can’t stop him. Karan asks him to respect women. He tells that Preeta doesn’t love him, he shouldn’t force her for marriage. He admits that Preeta loved him and got married to him. Prithvi asks him if he accepts that he is Karan. Karan tells that he is Karan, even Karan would have done this if he was here.

Prithvi tells that nobody can stop his marriage with Preeta today. He angrily bashes Karan and the goons. He threatens Sherlyn with a knife. He locks them in the room. He tells that he will marry Preeta at any cost, they can come to perform Bhangra. He returns to the mandap. Anjali thinks it’s the best day of her life when she will marry her love. The keymaker opens the chest. Sameer and Shrishti see Kritika inside the chest. They get worried for her. They help Kritika regain consciousness. Shrishti asks Kritika who did this to her. Kritika tells that Prithvi is in the house.

Sameer tells that Prithvi isn’t here, its not possible. Kritika tells that Prithvi is marrying Preeta. She runs to stop the marriage. She goes and tells everyone that Prithvi has taken Arjun’s place in the mandap. She stops the marriage. Rakhi asks Kritika what is she saying. Kritika asks them to just see the groom’s face. Shrishti supports Kritika. Kritika asks them to trust her. She pulls off the sehra and sees Arjun. Karan doesn’t want the family to worry after knowing about Prithvi. Kritika tells that she has seen Prithvi in the mandap. Kareena asks her to calm down.

Sameer tells that Kritika was locked inside the chest, she wasn’t conscious. Kareena tells that the goons might have locked her. She asks Kritika to stop taking Prithvi’s name. She takes Kritika with her. Karan goes with them. Anjali grows afraid when too many hurdles come in the marriage.

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  1. karan what are doing call people hold prithvi hand tight properly you don’nt leave karan you say all luthra family karan please you can do it.
    karan please you marry dr preeeta countinue that and don’nt stop that.
    karthika you say for kareena bua this prithvi marrying to anjili stop that never ending for them.
    rishabh where are you please come fast you see see prithvi face properly till him get out form luthra house.


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