Imlie 16th February 2023 Update Imlie’s memory loss

Imlie 16th February 2023 Update Imlie's memory loss

Imlie 16th February 2023 Update Imlie’s memory loss Chini will persuade Rana to go to the function. To avoid making Atharv and Imlie feel uncomfortable, Chini will send them there while refusing to go to the event. But she will go there covertly. The lavish event arrangements will please the Rathods and Ranas. One vendor will praise the partnership of Atharv and Imlie. She would introduce them to each other by selling them a pair of watches. To catch Imlie, Chini will trade tickets.

Imlie will go to the wrong counter and get stuck inside a hot air balloon while everyone else is busy playing the enjoyable activities. Atharv will be worried about Imlie while she waits for her family. His watch will make a beeping noise. Imlie will scream for assistance as the balloon’s rope begins to sag at that point. Atharv will be startled, and Imlie will eventually experience partial memory loss, creating a challenging position. Imlie will attempt to carry out post-wedding rites with Atharv, surprising the Ranas in the process.


Earlier in the show, Chini and Anu talked about their fake suicide drama’s overall strategy. Chini deceived everyone by falling on a mattress. Chini predicted that Atharv will be won by her Oscar-caliber performance. Imlie questioned her motives and discovered that she had thrown away her medication. Anu hid it by claiming that she had thrown Chini’s medications away as Imlie brought them. To win Imlie’s trust, Chini swallowed the pills in front of her.

In the upcoming episode, Imlie regains consciousness. She asks the family members what are they doing in her room. She sees Atharv and goes to him. She tells him that they have to complete the post-marriage rituals one by one. She asks him to come with her. Atharv and Chini are stunned. Chini tries to correct Imlie. Imlie tells that she knows she is Atharv’s wife, they got married a day ago. Doctor tells the family that Imlie has lost her partial memory, her mind is stuck on her wedding day. He asks them to handle Imlie with care. Atharv worries for Imlie.

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