Udaariyaan 17th February 2023 Written Update Ekam trusts Nehmat

Udaariyaan 17th February 2023 Written Update Ekam trusts Nehmat

Udaariyaan 17th February 2023 Written Update Ekam trusts Nehmat Nehmat tries to find a job for herself. She doesn’t get any job, because she is a politician’s wife. She remembers Fateh and Tejo’s words and gets inspired to fight the situation. She wants them to give her some sign that they are with her. Rupy and Satti are still confused about Nehmat. Satti wants to get Nehmat’s checkup done to find out if she lost her child or not. Rupy tells that Nehmat didn’t undergo any suffering, she is okay, and she should be kept busy. He wants her to focus on her life. Harleen comes home to meet Nehmat. Rupy isn’t happy to see her. Harleen asks them to reciprocate her love.

She tells Rupy that she will not go without getting his blessings. She hugs him. She reminds him of Jasmin. She asks them not to compare her with her mom. She doesn’t want anyone to judge her wrong. She asks them about Nehmat. She tells that she just wants to meet Nehmat. Harleen meets Nehmat. She tells that everything will be okay soon. She has understood that she loves Ekam, who loves Nehmat a lot. Nehmat doesn’t tell her anything. Harleen tells that she wants to inform Ekam about Nehmat’s well-being.


Nehmat is glad to see Harleen’s love for Ekam. She asks Harleen to take good care of Ekam. She wants Harleen to heal Ekam’s wounds. She adds that she will fight her battle on her own. Harleen says their pain is still the same, if not their love. She takes Nehmat to the Gurudwara. Ekam is also at the Gurudwara. Nehmat and Ekam pray for each other. They want to find some way to prove Advait wrong. Ekam gets surprised to see Nehmat beside him. Nehmat too gets to observe his presence.

Ekam and Nehmat cry seeing each other’s pain reflected in their eyes. Nehmet asks Ekam if he trusts her. She tells him that Kapoors have proved her wrong. She tells that she wasn’t pregnant, she never had any miscarriage, Kapoors wronged her, and she has lost even her family’s trust. Ekam tells her that he trusts her. He encourages her to not break down. He wishes that he could have trusted her and broken ties with her. He feels guilty for ruining her entire life. He tells her that he trusts her every word. He asks her to trust him, that she can’t fight the battle alone.

She doesn’t want any defamation to come on his side. She asks him to just encourage her. Renuka gets to see them. She wishes Nehmat would spare her son soon. Nehmat asks Ekam to cross his journey alone. Ekam asks her why is she separating him from herself. He agrees to do as she wants. Nehmat wants to sacrifice their relationship for their family’s sake. Renuka decides to get Ekam married to Harleen, to stop him from going behind Nehmat.

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