Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2023 Written Update New track

Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2023 Written Update New track

Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2023 Written Update New track Sherlyn and Prithvi reach their home. She tells that she hopes that Anjali has controlled the situation. Prithvi tells that Anjali must have stopped the marriage. She asks what is he saying about the wedding. She doesn’t want him to think of Preeta. Karan apologizes to the entire family for hiding the truth from them. He says that he is guilty of his actions. He loves his entire family. He regrets that he did wrong to them, he had kept them in darkness and hurt them a lot. Rishabh, Preeta, and the entire family forgive Karan.

They understand that Karan wasn’t wrong, though he had revenge on his mind, he never crossed his limits. Rishabh recollects how Karan as Arjun had saved his life after the accident. He tells that all is well that ends well. Rishabh hugs Karan. This seems like the end of the ongoing long wedding track. What’s next for Karan and Preeta? Anjali doesn’t give up on Arjun so easily. She comes back to Luthra’s house to remind Arjun of his responsibilities and duties towards Nidhi and his family, who saved his life and gave him everything that he owns today. What will Karan do when Anjali invites trouble for him? Keep reading.


Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2023 Written Update New track:

Karan gives a tight slap to Anjali. He asks her did she go mad. He rebukes her for trying to hurt Preeta. He says that he will never tolerate this. He asks her to get lost. She tells that she has given her life’s many years to him, she has supported him so much and he is asking her to get out. She tells him that she can’t live without him. She asks him not to make her away. Karan tells her he is just of Preeta and will always be of Preeta. He asks why he can’t stay with his family when he learned that they are innocent; they love him and he loves them too. She tells that he will regret a lot for his big mistake.

He asks her to stop her madness right away. Preeta asks Anjali to stop claiming his rights on Karan. She says Karan is her husband and Anjali has no rights to him. She throws them out Anjali of their house. Anjali asks Arjun to stop Preeta. Preeta shuts the gate. Anjali angrily leaves and stares at Luthra’s mansion. She tells that Lutherans didn’t do right with her. She determines to ruin their peace and happiness. She pledges to come back. Rishabh consoles Karan. He tells that everything will get okay. Karan apologizes to them. He tells that he has kept his family in darkness, despite the evident truth. He regrets that he has hurt them a lot emotionally. The family also sheds tears along with him.

Karan apologizes to them. The family is more than happy that he is back in the family. They have no complaints. Karan apologizes to them again and again. He admits that he was mistaken. He asks Rakhi to slap him because he didn’t even tell the truth to her. Rakhi forgives him. Preeta tells that he should be sorry because he has troubled them a lot. Karan jokes that she didn’t miss him but is sorry. Rishabh tells that they missed Karan and Preeta’s banter a lot. Rakhi tells that she is glad, Karan’s misunderstanding got clear. She asks Karan to never think wrong about his family. Bani asks them to come and thank God for returning their Karan. They pray together. Rakhi blesses Karan for getting a long life. Rakhi happily hugs her sons.

Mahesh and Kareena also hug Karan. Kritika welcomes back Karan. Karan tells that he is so blessed to get such a loving family. Shrishti asks him to take a rest. Bani asks Shrishti and Kritika to take Karan and Preeta to their room. Preeta tells that they will go to their room themselves. Karan and Preeta get shy when they leave. The family claps for them. Prithvi tells that everything is ruined. He gets hugely upset. He tells that Preeta could have become of him, but Karan came back.

Sherlyn finds him worried. He tells that his dream broke and everything is ruined. She tells that they are together, and are doing good. He wants to find a way to take revenge on Arjun. He wants Preeta again. He tells that Karan has snatched Preeta. He gets mad at Preeta. He wishes Anjali stopped the marriage. She tells that she hopes Anjali paid the money to Shambu. He tells that he also wants to get free from the loans. Anjali misses Arjun. She is angered that Preeta has snatched her Arjun. She tells that Arjun used to care for her, he loved her, but Preeta ruined her life. She doesn’t want to spare Preeta. She gets drunk to forget her sorrow. She wants her stress to get low. She gets revengeful against Arjun. She tells that she will punish for cheating on her love. She wants to ruin Preeta’s life by bringing a storm.


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