YRKKH Amazing Spoiler Akshara returns to Abhimanyu

YRKKH Amazing Spoiler Akshara returns to Abhimanyu

YRKKH Amazing Spoiler Akshara returns to Abhimanyu Kairav and is amazed to see the understanding between Akshara and Abhinav. Abhinav is confident to meet Abhimanyu, after knowing the truth of the old bonds. He tells that Akshara and his relationship has become very strong, and he is ready to test it another time. He doesn’t have any fear in his mind. He leaves everything to fate. He trusts Akshara that she will never do anything wrong. He doesn’t want Abhimanyu and Akshara to suffer in their lives, because of their separation. Abhinav realizes what Akshara and Abhir mean to him. He tells that he can’t imagine his life without them. Akshara and Abhimanyu get to meet once again.

Abhir meets Aarohi, Ruhi and Manjiri at the birthday party. He realizes that he had already met Manjiri. Abhimanyu makes a late entry which surprises Abhir. Abhir sees Abhinav with Abhimanyu. He shouts Papa to Abhinav and runs to hug him. Abhimanyu hugs Abhir, because of his attachment. Manjiri realizes that Abhimanyu had met Akshara, Abhinav, and Abhir in Kasauli. Manjiri fears her son’s heartbreak. She finds Akshara greeting Abhimanyu. She doesn’t want a new story to begin. She decides to announce Abhimanyu’s wedding with Aarohi without any delay. Shefali asks her to rethink her decision. Manjiri doesn’t want Abhimanyu to change his mind because of Akshara’s return.



Doctor tells the family that Imlie must know the truth if she has to recover from the memory loss. Imlie hears this and questions him about the truth. He tells her about Atharv and her marriage truth. Chini wants to see for how long Imlie will continue the drama. Doctor tells Imlie that she was getting divorced. He tries to remind her of the truth. Imlie thinks of her plan to get saved. She decides to send Chini back to her house.


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