Kundali Bhagya New track Spoiler Preeran’s twins

Kundali Bhagya New track Spoiler Preeran's twins

Kundali Bhagya Preleap Spoiler Preeran welcome twins A pre-leap promo is out today. It gives a hint of the upcoming track. Karan and Preeta are seen enjoying another beautiful phase of parenthood. They celebrate the good news of Preeta’s pregnancy. Preeta is carrying twins. Karan is seen taking care of Preeta. After a short leap of nine months, Karan and Luthras are seen at the hospital, awaiting the babies’ arrival. Karan tells Preeta that his twins will be coming today, and his life will get double happy. Preeta is much happy. Karan hugs her. Preeta gives birth to the twins.

A new story begins when Anjali reaches there to take her revenge. She tells that she will never let Karan and Preeta stay happy. She goes to the baby’s ward and steals one of their babies. Anjali’s evil ruins Karan and Preeta’s happiness. A new track will begin with Anjali raising one of Preeran’s children. Watch the promo below. The preleap track begins on 1st March 2023. Keep reading.


Pandya Store: Dhara fights back the accusations:

Raavi and Rishita blame Dhara for all the problems. Dhara calls it enough. She tells them that she knows her deeds well, one reaps what he sows. She tells that they always blame her for everything, and they don’t look into their deeds if they are doing it right or not. She tells that Rishita just wants her daughter, but doesn’t want to think of Suman, who waited for her sons for years. She asks Raavi to think if Mittu’s wife takes him away, then how would she feel? Raavi tells that she wasn’t happy to take Shiva away. She asks Dhara how can she blame her when Dev and Krish went by their wish.

She tells that Dhara has welcomed her sons, but didn’t welcome her Bahus. She asks Dhara why didn’t she show her love to her Bahu. She adds that Dhara never regarded her as family. She wants to take Shiva with her. Dhara tells that Raavi didn’t accept them as family, she couldn’t understand Suman, Gautam, and her, or else she would have not taunted her. She doesn’t want to prove her love and worry for Shiva to anyone. She tells that the entire family worries for Shiva. She scolds Raavi and Rishita for taking their husbands and leaving the house, without thinking of Suman.


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