5 Top Scenes Udaariyaan 26th February 2023

5 Top Scenes Udaariyaan 26th February 2023

5 Top Scenes Udaariyaan 26th February 2023 Written Update #1 Nehmat refuses Ekam’s help. Ekam and Nehmat have a sweet emotional meeting in their favorite hangout place. They are each other’s love, separated by the bad times between them. Ekam offers to help her with her difficulties, but she refuses to occupy any place in his life. He tells them that he can’t be with her if she makes him away. He grows intensely cautious about her well-being. She doesn’t want him to solve her life’s problems. She decides to fight her battle.

#2 Nehmat urges Ekam to move on with Harleen:


Nehmat requests Ekam to forget her and move on. He wants to help her. She explains that his moving on will be the only help to her. She doesn’t want Ekam to ruin his life while dealing with a disgusting shrewd politician Advait, who is unfortunately her husband. Ekam has left with tears in his eyes.

#3 Harleen shops the shagun gifts:

Harleen feels upset that Sandhus aren’t doing anything for her marriage. Nehmat comes ahead to represent Harleen’s family in Jasmin’s absence. Harleen thinks she is all alone. Nehmat regards Harleen her sister. She helps Harleen. Harleen is grateful. She informs Nehmat that Renuka’s invitation by rejected by Sandhus. Nehmat assures that she will convince Sandhus to become a part of Harleen’s happiness. Nehmat wishes Harleen and Ekam to stay together.

#4 Ekam is still in love with Nehmat:

Ekam imagines Nehmat when Harleen is dancing in their function. Harleen finds him upset and pulls him for a dance. Ekam misses Nehmat. Harleen realizes Ekam’s true love for Nehmat. She finds his longing for Nehmat as pure as worship.

#5 Nehmat finds help, Mr. Suri:

Nehmat meets her lawyer Mr. Suri. He explains to her that she will not find an easy way to win against Kapoor. He alerts her of Kapoors’ power. She decides to end the relationship with Advait. He asks her to gather proof against Advait. Nehmat invades the Kapoor mansion to find proof against Advait.


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