Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Update Natasha returns

Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Update Natasha returns

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Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Update Natasha returns Karan and Preeta get blessed by their family members. She tells that she has done all the packing herself. Karan tells that Preeta is eager to go on their honeymoon. Preeta beats him. Shrishti asks her not to torture Karan. Bani blesses Karan and Preeta to return home with good news. She wants a newborn soon. The family teases them. Karan and Preeta leave home. She tells that he has embarrassed her in front of everyone, by saying that she is eager to go on her honeymoon. She asks if he isn’t excited about the honeymoon. He tells that he wants to anger her and see her cheeks turning red. She asks him to drive fast, or else they can miss their flight.

He tells them that she is proving it again, she wants to go on her honeymoon as soon as possible. He speeds the car. She asks him to slow down. He asks her to say I love you. He gets stubborn. She says I love you to him. He gets super excited. Natasha and Roxy are also on the way. Roxy tells that they will race the car. Natasha tells that they have to reach the airport and catch a flight to Manali. Rishabh and Sameer return home. They appear upset. Rakhi asks him what’s wrong. Rishabh tells that he had gone to nab Natasha, he met her but couldn’t catch her. Rishabh and Sameer explain to the family about Natasha and Roxy’s crime.

Rishabh tells that Natasha had planned Karan’s murder. He adds that Sherlyn helped him and gave Natasha’s address. He wonders who has helped Natasha and alerted her. He doesn’t think Sherlyn’s information has helped them. Shrishti tells that she could have assisted them in the mission. Rishabh hires detective Bomkesh. Bomkesh tells him about Natasha and Roxy heading to Manali. Rakhi gets worried that Karan and Preeta have also left for Manali on a honeymoon trip. Luthras grow worried.

Karan and Preeta check in at the hotel. He tells Preeta that she gets excited like Kavya. She tells that Kavya gets excited like her, Kavya is her daughter. He jokes that Kavya is more sensible than her. Karan and Preeta get their room keys. Natasha and Roxy also reach the same hotel. The receptionist identifies Natasha and Roxy. She tells that she has seen them in a crime show. Another couple walks in to enjoy their free stay in the beautiful resort. Karan and Preeta meet the couple, Akash and Neha. Neha tells that she has won a cooking competition and got a free resort trip. They learn about the landslide.

They don’t get a mobile network. Luthras try to connect to Karan and Preeta. Mahesh calls Karan and asks him if he has reached the hotel safely. Karan doesn’t hear his voice when he informs them about Natasha and Roxy. Karan tells that there is a poor network connection. Sameer tells Mahesh that Rishabh has gone with Bomkesh. Mahesh asks Sameer to get the hotel’s contact number.

Roxy and Natasha get into an argument. She explains that they have to stay away from their house until they get saved from Rishabh. She tells that Luthras will not leave them if they get caught. He asks her what’s her plan. She tells that she loves him a lot. She suggests that they stay at his mom’s house for a few days. He tells that he didn’t mean that, they will kill Karan this time. Natasha asks him not to get mad, because they have got exposed. She doesn’t want to get jailed. He asks her if she still loves Karan. She asks him to not speak nonsense. She calms down and goes out to have some fresh air.

Akash and Neha tell Preeta that they have seen her somewhere. Preeta tells that she lives in Mumbai. Karan pulls Preeta’s leg with his naughty jokes. Luthras worry about getting the news of the landslide. Mahesh tells that he couldn’t inform Karan about Natasha. Shrishti asks Sameer not to remarry if she dies. She tells that she is going to Manali to alert Karan and Preeta about Natasha. Rakhi asks Sameer to stop Shrishti. Karan and Preeta reach their room. She finds the room cute. Karan asks what about him. She doesn’t compliment him. He gets romancing her. She excuses herself. They both fall over a swing. He tells that he has missed her a lot.

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