Kundali Bhagya Generation leap confirmed Preeran

Kundali Bhagya Generation leap confirmed Preeran

Kundali Bhagya Generation leap confirmed Preeran out Karan and Preeta are seen planning their honeymoon with much excitement. Nidhi hides the truth of Anjali’s accident from Arjun. She doesn’t want Arjun aka Karan to spoil his honeymoon plans by knowing about the accident. She knows he will leave everything and come to help Anjali. She wants Karan to focus on his life and happiness with his wife and family. Karan enjoys every bit of his stay with his family. He cherishes the moments spent with Kavya, which he missed the most. He regrets that he couldn’t be a part of Kavya’s childhood, her growing years. He wishes to get kids to experience fatherhood.

Karan and Preeta’s honeymoon trip is the last sequence before the short nine-month leap. Preeta’s pregnancy will be seen in the coming track. Karan and Preeta’s double excitement to welcome their twins will be killed by Anjali, who awakens from coma only to destroy their happiness. How far will Anjali take Preeran child from them for the sake of her hatred and revenge? The generation leap will bring Preeran’s twins into the limelight. Do you like the latest offering from Kundali Bhagya? Keep reading for more news and updates.



Rajjo and Arjun fail to find Amit anywhere in the house. Niharika attacks Amit and renders him unconscious. She informs Pushkar about Amit becoming a part of Rajjo’s plan. She asks him to handle Amit. Rajjo fears that Amit is wounded and would need immediate medical attention. Arjun doesn’t want anything to happen to Amit. He feels guilty for inviting Amit home and putting him in danger. Moreover, Pushkar attempts to shoot down Amit, but Rajjo saves the latter in time. Niharika gets mistaken that Pushkar has got rid of Amit. She is much happy seeing her groom Arjun coming to the mandap.

Rajjo and Arjun replace the groom and make Amit sit in Arjun’s place in the mandap. Amit will be getting married to Niharika in the marriage track. Next, Rajjo exposes Niharika and Amit’s affair in front of the Singh family. Rajjo wins once again and saves Arjun from a wrong marriage.


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