Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir's Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s Prachi Kaya has fallen for Ranbir. She tells that Ranbir is different from others and she always likes something different. Akshay meets Prachi and Ranbir to discuss the new project. Prachi didn’t know that Ranbir is heading the project from Walia industries, which belongs to Kaya now. Ranbir tells Prachi that it’s his first big independent project and he is very excited. He didn’t know that Akshay and Prachi will also work on the same project.

Akshay thanks Prachi for sorting his work. Ranbir intervenes between their friendly talk and tells that she is of him. Akshay doesn’t understand and asks Ranbir once again. Ranbir says that Prachi belongs to him. Akshay is stunned by his words, and so is Prachi. Akshay has no idea that Prachi is Ranbir’s wife and they are still married. Kaya is also unaware that Prachi is Ranbir’s wife. How will the truth affect Akshay and Kaya? Keep reading.


Also read, Bade Acchhe Lagte Hain 2: Raghav and Meetu meet Marischa who happens to be Pihu’s best friend and Josh’s girlfriend. Marischa has lied to Raghav that she knows Josh only because she is arranging a surprise for Pihu by taking his help. Meetu holds Marischa’s hands and finds her pale. She asks Marischa if isn’t she taking good care of herself. She tells that she used to appear pale during her pregnancy phase. She asks Marischa if there is the such case with her. Raghav apologizes to Marischa on his mother’s behalf. Marischa gets tensed that she is pregnant, and blurts out the truth in front of Raghav.

She tells him she is pregnant but can’t disclose anything else. He asks her about the baby’s father to help her out. Marischa believes in Raghav’s sincerity. She tells that the guy is known to the Kapoor family and she can’t take any step against him. She doesn’t want their terms to get spoiled. Raghav asks her the name, but she doesn’t name Josh. Josh fools Marischa by lying about his engagement with Prachi. Raghav doesn’t know Josh’s truth till now. Later, Angad confesses his feelings to Pihu, while she tells him that she likes Raghav. Angad gets disappointed.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s Prachi:

The Kohlis are very happy for Ranbir and congratulate him. They tell that Ranbir will get back on top of the business world. Vikram worries that they have no finances for the project. Ranbir tells that he needs finances, but he didn’t think of anything. He thinks Mehta can help them and become their investor. Vikram agrees with Mehta will be a good support. He asks Ranbir to fix everything. Ranbir promises he will fill their world with happiness because he couldn’t give them happiness for a long time. They tell him that he has already given them happiness.

Vikram tells that they love him a lot and wish him all the best. Ranbir gets their blessings. Pallavi tells that he will be successful in life. Kohlis rejoice in the good news. Vikram also puts efforts to help Ranbir. Akshay asks Prachi how the door gets stuck. She says that she will get it fixed. He tells that he will replace the door. She tells that it’s not the door or fan’s fault. He apologizes to her. She tells that she has an important meeting, but he can call her if he needs anything. He tells that she is right and that he should control his temper. Ranbir meets Mehta and asks for the project funding.

Mehta tells that he doesn’t have many funds for the big project. Ranbir tells that he thought Mehta can help him. Mehta asks what’s the guarantee that Ranbir will get success in business again. He doesn’t want to take risks by investing in Ranbir’s project. Ranbir understands his point. He thanks Mehta for giving his time. He tells that the bigger the risk, the bigger the gains. He sounds confident. Ranbir meets another investor, who agrees to invest in the project without any conditions. Balwinder tells that they will work as partners, and will share the profit equally. Ranbir doesn’t want a partner, but an investor. He tells that he will think about it. Balwinder tells that nobody will invest money in his project, because he isn’t the old Ranbir. Ranbir makes a leave.

Kaya calls Ranbir and asks him to come to her cabin. He tells that he has come back to the office. He goes to meet her. He is afraid to tell her that he couldn’t get funds for the project. She tells him that he is late. He tells that there is a big problem. She asks what is it. He tells that he was sure of getting finance for the project, but nobody is ready to invest. He needs some time. Kaya learns that he couldn’t arrange money. She tells him that if his project gets late, then she won’t like it. She wants people to value time. He apologizes to her.

He tells that he will keep the finances ready by tomorrow. He asks her if she is firing him. She says that she will introduce him to someone who will invest in the future, without seeing his past. She adds that the person will see his potential and invest in the project. She tells that Ashok is her dad’s friend. She calls Ashok and asks him to finance Ranbir’s project. Ashok tells that he isn’t in the city, but Akshay is there in the office.

He agrees to help her, and asks her to send Ranbir to meet Akshay. She thanks him for the help. She asks Ranbir to not waste time and meet Akshay Tandon. Ranbir realizes that he knows Akshay. He doesn’t want to tell Kaya that he knows Akshay. She asks him to not waste time and rush. He thanks her. Kaya finds him different and likes him.

Later, Ashok gets angry when Akshay gets late for the meeting. Akshay apologizes for coming late. Ashok tells that he has come from the airport and still he is on time. Akshay tells that they shouldn’t argue and waste more time. Prachi watches their argument. She asks them to calm down and stop fighting. Akshay tells that he will always come on time. They watch a presentation. Akshay tells that the photography isn’t good. Ashok tells that even Prachi didn’t like it. Akshay thanks her. The meeting goes on. Akshay and Prachi pull Ashok’s leg.

Moreover, Khushi reaches the temple to attend the aarti. Pandit asks her to get the puja items. Kohlis visit the temple and meet Khushi by chance. They get happy. Khushi behaves sweetly. They wish Khushi brings happiness to their household. Khushi tells that she comes to the temple for attending aarti, she knows the complete aarti. She asks Aryan to attend aarti, then he will also memorize it. Pallavi gets emotional and wants to pray that Ranbir gets Khushi. Khushi asks the pandit to do the puja well for Kohlis because they are her family. Pandit tells that Khushi is Matarani’s favorite and her prayer will be answered. He praises Khushi. Sahana meets Khushi outside the temple. Kohlis wish to get Khushi in their lives.


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