Imlie written update 7th March 2023 Chini exposed

Imlie written update 7th March 2023 Chini exposed

Imlie written update 7th March 2023 Chini exposed Atharv asks Imlie why did she sign the divorce papers. Imlie that it’s just a drama. She shows the papers and tells that the signature has disappeared, because of the ink disappearing pen. He calls her smart. They share a moment. She tells that it’s her plan, she is using the wrong means to save the world which looks real to her. She tells that they should fight for the truth. She asks him to pretend to be happy at the functions and not feel guilty. Atharv hugs her. He tells that he is guilty of doing wrong to her. He wants to expose Chini’s truth. She asks him to go first, or else Chini will doubt them.

Chini asks Imlie to get decked up and come to the function, but not cry and spread sorrow. She doesn’t Imlie to bring bad luck. Imlie tells that Chini will go away from Atharv’s life soon. Imlie and Atharv try to gather evidence against Chini. She wants to prove to everyone that Chini has faked the suicide attempt. Imlie receives the footage. She gets glad. She calls Atharv and says they got the proof and will expose Chini’s truth. He asks her to come downstairs. Rana finds Atharv happy and realizes that Imlie has won. Chini stops Imlie and snatches her phone.


She tells Imlie that she will not give the phone which carries the proof against her. She doesn’t want Imlie to ruin her marriage. Imlie says that Atharv is acting and don’t want to marry Chini. Chini tells that the family doesn’t know this truth. She wants to take an advantage of this and marry Atharv. She pushes Imlie down the floor. Imlie screams. Atharv hears Imlie’s screams and runs. He holds Imlie in his arms in time and saves her life. They see the mattresses burning. Imlie and Atharv have no proof left. The family asks Imlie how did she fall.

Chini tells that Imlie tried to end her life when she lost Atharv. Chini tells that it’s not true. Chini tells that Imlie is in depression. She tells that she has called the police for Imlie’s betterment. Inspector tells that he will take Imlie for a mental health checkup. Imlie gets accused by Chini and Badimaa. Imlie is forced to leave with the police. Atharv and Rana grow worried for her. Imlie tells the police that she didn’t try to attempt suicide. Chini gets freed from Imlie. She is confident that Imlie won’t come back. Rana tells Atharv that he will handle the police.

The media reaches Atharv and questions Imlie’s suicide attempt. Chini answers the media that Atharv loves her and he is going to marry her, Imlie has already signed the divorce papers, and she doesn’t want to stay in the unwanted marriage. She tells that Atharv and her marriage can be shown in the news coverage. She invites the media home. Atharv gets worried. Later, Imlie barges into Atharv and Chini’s marriage and stops the rituals. Imlie confesses her love for Atharv and also states what she did to win her love. She provokes Chini to admit all her crimes. Chini accepts her crimes stating she has done everything for Atharv’s love. Chini exposes her truth on her own. Imlie and Atharv succeed in their plan.


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