Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update Bad omen

Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update Bad omen

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update Bad omen Ranbir enquires about Khushi’s problem. Khushi doesn’t tell him. He tells her that she calls him Shiv and regards him the same, so she should share her problems with her. He insists she let him know who has hurt her so that he can help her. He emotionally confesses that he sees his daughter in her and is very much attached to her, so he gets hurt whenever she gets hurt. He asks her to tell him about the person who has beaten her up, and he will make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Khushi doesn’t want Ranbir to cry for her. She tells him about Laali and her lover’s torture on her. Ranbir takes her home and confronts Laali and her lover. Laali doesn’t want Ranbir to interfere in their matter. Laali’s lover gets into an argument with Ranbir and tells him that the house he is standing in is his house. He tells that it’s his decision and his wish, he will beat whoever he wants, be it Laali or Khushi. He raises his hand on Khushi, but Ranbir intervenes and pushes the man away. The man angrily picks up a knife to attack him. Ranbir fights the man. He acts as Khushi’s protector and her father. Khushi doesn’t want Ranbir to get hurt.

On the other hand, Prachi tells Dadi that she will not give up on Khushi and bring her home at any cost. Dadi and Prachi go to the kitchen to cook food. Prachi unknowingly drops the milk pan. Dadi worries and calls it a bad omen. She fears that something bad is going to occur. Prachi grows worried for Ranbir and Khushi. What will Ranbir do to protect Khushi? Keep reading for a full update coming shortly once the episode airs on Zee5.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update Bad omen:

Ranbir tells Khushi that God has sent her to him as his daughter by changing her face and name. He adds that he can’t let anyone hurt her. He asks if Laali has hurt her. Khushi tells that her friend got hurt while cutting onions. She recollects how she ran to tell Laali about Bindiya’s wound. She bangs the door. Laali’s lover scolds Khushi. He angrily slaps Laali. Khushi asks him why is he beating her mum. The man beats Khushi as well. Khushi asks him to leave Laali.

Khushi tells Ranbir that he has beaten Laali and her. Ranbir tells that he will not let this happen to her again. He takes her home to fight that man. She asks him not to fight. He tells that the one who does wrong is wrong and the one who tolerates wrong is also wrong. Ranbir asks Laali to come out and talk to him. He lectures her for not talking about Khushi. He asks how her lover beat Khushi. She tells that he has beaten even her. He asks why is she allowing such a man inside her house. She asks him who is he to interfere in her matter. He tells her that she should think of Khushi first.

He asks her how can she let her daughter suffer. He tells that Khushi is her blood. She replies that Khushi isn’t her blood, her daughter, but just an adopted child. Ranbir tells that Khushi is still her responsibility. Laali’s lover asks Ranbir why is he shouting. On the other hand, Dadi asks Prachi to order food. Prachi tells that she will make the cook in some time because it’s a stress buster for her. She loves to cook food for the family. She tells that she likes cooking. She gets her hand burnt. Dadi cares for her burn. Prachi gets reminded of Khushi. Dadi tells that even she is missing Khushi.

She asks Prachi to do things carefully. The milk gets spilled and falls. Dadi worries about the bad omen. Prachi tells that milk spilled once in Kohli’s house, and Pallavi also called it a bad omen, soon Ranbir came to the living room and slipped, and he fell unconscious. She tells that anything could have happened to Ranbir, Pallavi told that spilling milk is a bad omen and it’s not good for the one we love the most. Prachi worries for Ranbir. Dadi asks God not to make hearts so weak that their wounds don’t heal. She wishes Prachi and Ranbir’s relationship gets fine.

Laali’s lover asks Ranbir who is he. He drinks alcohol in front of them. Ranbir asks him not to drink in front of a kid. He asks Laali to stop her lover. She refuses. Ranbir tells Khushi that he knows to tackle such situations. He scolds the man for hurting Khushi. Laali’s lover tells that they don’t want to do any deal with them. Ranbir doesn’t want to go on anyone’s orders. He asks the man to apologize to Khushi for raising his hand to him. Laali finds her lover behaving stranger. She asks him to calm down. The man folds his hands and apologizes. Ranbir asks him to apologize to Khushi.

The man apologizes to Khushi as well. Laali asks him is he okay. The man jokes that nobody scolded him so much till now. Laali laughs. The man tells that it’s his house and his wish to beat Laali and Khushi. Ranbir fights the man. The man picks up a knife and threatens Ranbir. Sahana cries while watching a movie. Prachi consoles her. She tells that she wishes to get Panchi back. Dadi asks her to accept Khushi in Panchi’s place. Sahana asks Prachi to fight for Khushi. The man asks Ranbir if will he act heroically in front of Laali. Ranbir asks him to drop the knife. He beats the man. Khushi gets scared when Ranbir gets hurt. Khushi asks the man to leave Ranbir. The man pushes her.

Ranbir sees her crying. He gets angry and bashes the man. He punishes the man for hurting his daughter. The man’s friends come there and stop Ranbir. Meanwhile, Akshay works out and recalls Prachi and his moments. He worries. Ashok asks him why is she worried. Akshay tells that he doesn’t want to tell him the truth. Ashok knows Akshay is thinking about Prachi. Laali’s lover asks his friends to beat Ranbir and break his bones. Khushi protects Ranbir. Laali asks her to come with her because she is the reason for everything. Khushi asks Ranbir to run away. She asks Laali to beat her, but not Ranbir. Laali drags her away.

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