Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Preeran end Fatal twists

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Preeran end Fatal twists

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Preeran end Fatal twists Karan reaches Anjali to save Preeta and his baby. Anjali welcomes him. She tells that she loves him the most. He frees Preeta and asks her to come with him. Shambu tries to stop him. Karan fights the goons. Anjali stops Karan and Preeta, by threatening of putting their baby in the havan fire. Karan stops her and tells her that he is ready to do anything she wants. Anjali asks Pandit to start the marriage rituals. She tells that she doesn’t want any risk. She asks them to break their marriage. She tells that Preeta and Karan are married, so they shall get divorced first. She makes them sign the divorce papers.

Anjali forces Karan to sit in the mandap. She asks him to take the rounds with her. She holds Karan’s hand and makes him fill the sindoor in her hairline. Karan tells that she can never win his love. Karan tries to buy time until Shrishti and Sameer get the police there. Shrishti hides from the goons and reaches Preeta. She frees Preeta and asks her to go ahead. Shrishti saves Preeta from the goons and clears her way. Preeta stops Karan from filling the sindoor in Anjali’s hairline. She angrily slaps Anjali. Anjali asks the goons to catch Karan and Preeta.


The police take charge and catch the goons. Anjali flees from there. Karan and Preeta happily return home with their baby. The baby’s return brings a wave of joy to the Luthra family. Rakhi welcomes Karan, Preeta, and the newborn home. All get well for Luthras, but what will Anjali do next to harm their happiness? Will Anjali take an evil step to kill them? Will this track mark Karan and Preeta’s end, and the generation leap? Keep reading for more news.


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