Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Update New Start

Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Update New Start

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Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Update New Start Preeta is thrown out of the Luthra family. Rakhi also gets bitter towards her when she accuses her of disobeying her and putting Karan’s life in danger. Preeta gets blamed for Karan’s coma condition. The family gets mad at her for losing Rudraksh. They don’t realize that Anjali had planned their accident and stolen Rudraksh. They just go on blaming Preeta. Rakhi later realizes her mistake when Shrishti gives an emotional speech in her sister’s defense.

Rakhi rushes to stop Preeta from leaving, but it gets too late. Kareena tells that she has sent Preeta away and asked her to never come back. Luthras move on in their lives by forgetting Preeta and Rudraksh. Shrishti tells Preeta that Luthras don’t need them anymore. They make a new start in their lives with Rudraksh. Preeta names Rudraksh as Rajveer. He is a Luthra by blood but lives as an Arora with his mother and aunt. Preeta raises Rajveer with much love and makes him a kind, good-hearted and positive person.

Rajveer is the hero of his chawl. He lives in everyone’s heart. He loves his mother the most. He worships Preeta. He is seen helping the people in the intro scene. Palki spots him and gets impressed by him. On the other hand, Shaurya is seen living a spoilt brat life by spending his dad’s richness for his fun. Palki lectures him and asks him to value people. She tells that if he is rich, it doesn’t mean that he will not value someone’s life. Shaurya finds her interesting. Palki, Shaurya, and Rudra aka Rajveer’s story begin. Preeta will be seen yearning for her other son Shaurya and Kavya. Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2023 coming shortly once the episode releases on Zee5.


Sarkar asks Yashoda to throw her mangalsutra and also wipe her sindoor. He tells that he is punishing her for her mistake, he has already warned her that he will remarry if she goes against him and breaks her loyalty. He tells her that she has got a Molkki Jalebi with him and he will marry her. Yashoda breaks down. Meet consoles her. Manmeet argues with his dad. He tells that the entire village knows that his mum has always done her duty. Sarkar blames her for cheating him and the entire family. He adds that Yashoda has given the factory land papers to Meet. He gets the papers and tears them.

He makes Yashoda sign the divorce papers. Manmeet is helpless in the situation, but Meet takes a stand for Yashoda. Sarkar pours the water to wash off the sindoor. She cries. He tells the girl that a couple applies the handprints together when they get married. Meet stops the girl. She tells that she will not let his second marriage happen. Sarkar tells that he will see how she stops his second marriage. Manmeet feels sorry for his mother. Meet tells that she will not let Yashoda lose her rights.

Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Update New Start:

Rakhi misses Karan. She goes to Shaurya’s room to call him for the puja. She doesn’t find him there. She calls Nidhi Shaurya’s mother. She tells that Shaurya isn’t in his room. Nidhi replies that Shaurya’s night out is going on. Rakhi asks her why didn’t she tell Shaurya about the puja. Nidhi tells that she will take care of it. She sends Rakhi to handle the puja. She calls Shaurya. Shaurya arrives home with a bunch of friends. The family waits for Shaurya. Rakhi tells the family that Shaurya isn’t there in his room. She asks the pandit to start the puja. Rishabh asks Nidhi about Shaurya.

Nidhi says that she told Shaurya about the puja, but Shaurya’s day begins at night. He asks her to call Shaurya home soon. Rakhi apologizes that Shaurya isn’t at home. Shaurya walks in with kiss marks on his face. He wishes happy birthday. He stumbles. His girlfriends rush to hold him. He thanks them. The family is shocked at the sight when he arrives with his girlfriends. Bani scolds him for coming home in a drunken state when he knows about the puja. Shaurya apologizes to her. Rakhi stops him and his friends. She doesn’t want them to sit in the puja in a drunken state.

Shaurya tells that Krishna isn’t Krishna without his Gopis. Nidhi runs to take care of him when he falls. She asks the servants to take Shaurya to his room. The family realizes that Shaurya has gone out of their hands. Rakhi didn’t expect this. Nidhi runs after Shaurya to look after him. Rishabh asks Rakhi to stop taking stressed. He asks Sandy why he let Shaurya drink. Sandy tells that Shaurya doesn’t listen to anyone. Rishabh asks him to take the girls with him and leave. He asks Rakhi not to worry. Rakhi misses her good-valued Preeta. She tells that if Preeta was with them today, then Shaurya would have not become such a person. She wishes that Preeta was alive and stayed with Luthras. She thinks of Rudraksh.

Preeta and Shrishti are seen celebrating Janmashtami in their house. They keep a puja. Rajveer gets the prasad for the puja. The guys look for Rajveer. They call him their Krishna. Preeta gives the Dakshina to the pandit. She distributes the prasad. The locality guys ask Rajveer to come with them and break the Dahi Handi. Preeta tells that Rajveer will go to break the Dahi Handi. Pandit tells that the Dahi handi is tied at good height this year. Preeta and Shrishti worry. The guys ask Rajveer to see the Dahi handi and decide if he can do it. They add that he will get a lot of money if he wins.

Preeta rushes to stop Rajveer. He climbs the pyramid to break the Handi. Preeta tells that he obeys her a lot, but sometimes he gets stubborn. He breaks the Dahi handi. Everyone claps for Rajveer. It starts raining. He jumps down. Preeta tells that Rajveer’s friends have spoiled it. The Luthras proceed with the puja. Rakhi thinks about how would Rudraksh look if he was alive, would he resemble Karan or Preeta? Rajveer smiles seeing Preeta. Rajveer dances with his friends. They praise him for the magic. Pandit asks Kareena to distribute the prasad. Shrishti pulls Rajveer’s ears and scolds him. Preeta asks can’t he understand the risk. Shrishti tells that she has seen how he fell.

They both scold him with love. His friends see this and laugh. Rajveer calls Shrishti his Maa and calls Preeta his Maasi. Shrishti beats him and asks him to call her mumma or mom, instead Maa. Preeta asks him to go home. Preeta tells that her heart melts whenever he calls her Maasi. She goes. Shrishti hides the truth from Preeta that Rajveer is her son. She tells that Preeta doesn’t remember anything, she has lost her memory and she doesn’t even remember that Rajveer is her son. Shrishti and Preeta take care of Rajveer. He thanks Preeta for saving him from Shrishti’s scolding. Preeta tells that she is strict. Shrishti feels Preeta’s scolding is like love. Rajveer tells that he loves them. She wishes Shaurya was also with them. She wonders how Shaurya looks. Shaurya is still drunk. He goes to wash his face and tries to get sober.

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