YRKKH 16th March 2023 Written Update Unexpected

YRKKH 16th March 2023 Written Update Unexpected

YRKKH 16th March 2023 Written Update Unexpected Abhinav cleans the nameplate of his house and sheds tears. He enters the house and finds Akshara and Abhir cleaning the house while dancing happily. Akshara finds him upset and asks the reason for it. He tells that they have come back but nothing is okay. He feels that he has lost something that belonged to him. He shares his feelings. She asks him to relax, it’s their house and their family. She relieves his tension. She tells that he is with her to support her. She adds that they can make things better than before. She asks Abhinav to take them out to have pizza.

Abhinav tells that he will get the car fixed and then get a pizza on return. He adds that they can’t go together. Abhir asks what is wrong with him. Akshara ponders the same when Abhinav behaves formally like a stranger. Aarohi asks Shefali to talk to Abhimanyu. Shefali meets Abhimanyu and asks her what did Akshara say. He tells that he has realized his mistake, he didn’t give respect Akshara and her decision, and he couldn’t understand her and hurt her. He realizes the biggest mistake of his life, that he blamed her for Neil’s death and divorced her. He cries in regret that he broke her trust.


She tells her that Akshara made him realize his mistakes. He feels he is made up of ego and anger. He doesn’t know any love or respect. He feels he didn’t see Akshara’s pain and tears when they lose the babies. He says that he had blamed Akshara for losing Neil and the babies, and didn’t think of her pain. He feels ashamed of himself. Shefali feels sad for him. He tells that Akshara can never forget what he made her feel. He feels responsible for accusing her and shattering her with harsh allegations.

He tells Shefali that he should have understood Akshara at that time. He feels he has done a bigger mistake today, by asking Akshara to come back to her. He tells that he told Abhinav about his love for Akshara. He adds that he had proposed marriage to Akshara, knowing she is married to Abhinav. He feels guilty that he did too wrong. He realizes that he doesn’t understand the meaning of love. He tells that he feels his life is a punishment. Shefali understands his pain. Abhinav is tense. Akshara recalls his strange behavior. She tells that he doesn’t express anything. She goes to talk to Abhinav.

He tells that he didn’t wish to trouble her. She asks him to come home with her. He thinks that she is working so hard when she could have got a better life with Abhimanyu. He adds that he can’t keep a big responsibility. She asks him to tell her his feelings. He doesn’t want to share anything. She tells that she can’t see him tense. Later, Abhimanyu speaks to Aarohi. He tells her the complete truth. He tells that he met Akshara and proposed to her for marriage. He admits that he didn’t think of Ruhi. She is shocked to know this. He tells that Akshara made him realize his mistake and that he never respects any relationship.

He feels wrong and apologizes to Aarohi. He doesn’t want to do wrong to anyone. Abhinav asks Akshara why is she working hard to make the house like before when they aren’t the same. She tells that he is her husband. He tells her that he is her husband just on paper. He doesn’t want her to pay back any favor. Abhimanyu tells Aarohi that he divorced Akshara and kicked her out of his life, the time has stopped for him, and when he saw her back, his feelings came out, he felt this madness is love, but he was wrong, he was just being selfish. He realizes that he has done wrong to Akshara, he never loved her, he never gave her equality in a relationship, and he has broken her heart. He doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes with Aarohi.

He tells Aarohi that he has to let Akshara go. He tells her that he can never love someone again. He promises Aarohi that he will not get selfish when it’s about Ruhi. He adds that he respects Aarohi, who is a great mother to Ruhi. He promises to pay her the respect that Aarohi deserves. He wants to be a better man. He asks her to decide if she wants to accept him after knowing the truth. Abhinav tells that efforts aren’t needed in a true relationship. He feels her relationship with Abhimanyu is true. He feels guilty that he has come between Abhimanyu and Akshara.

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