Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2023 Written Update Kavya’s entry

Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2023 Written Update Kavya's entry

Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2023 Written Update Kavya’s entry A shocking twist has come on the track. Rajveer has learned the truth that Preeta is his real mother. He goes to ask Shrishti why did she hide the truth from him for so long. She receives a shock when he questions her about Preeta. She realizes that he has heard everything. She tells him the entire truth. She doesn’t want to hide anything from him. She tells him about the incident that took away Preeta’s memory. She adds that Preeta doesn’t remember Rajveer as her son.

She narrates the incident which has changed Preeta’s life completely. She tells that she couldn’t tell the truth to Preeta till now. Rajveer is in a dilemma over calling Preeta his mother or aunt. She makes him accept the truth. He asks why didn’t she tell to him before, that his Maasi is actually his mother. He cries in pain. She tells that she was really helpless to keep the truth under wraps.


On the other hand, Rakhi is worried for Karan. They both mention Preeta and get emotional. They miss Preeta. She admits that she misses Preeta a lot, even when she is aware of the truth that the latter isn’t with them. She tells that Preeta isn’t alive, and they should accept this truth. Shrishti regrets that even Preeta isn’t aware of her son’s presence in her life. She explains how difficult it was for her to keep Preeta and Rajveer in darkness. Rajveer tells that he has no complaints, Shrishti has done the best for Preeta and him and he loves her for that. She hugs him and sheds tears. Kavya’s entry will be seen. Kavya will bring the good news that Preeta is alive. Rajveer and Preeta will return to Luthra house.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Aparajita taunts Mohini for stealing her husband. She asks her daughters to have food. Akshay gets the doctor’s call. He asks about his mother’s condition. Aparajita asks when are the reports coming. He tells that the doctor is coming home to meet them and discuss the reports. Mohini worries that her truth will come out. She asks him not to call the doctor home. Aparajita tells that she will speak to the doctor. Mohini and Aparajita argue. Akshay asks them not to fight. He tells that he will speak to the doctor. Mohini plans to kill Amma before the reports come.

She wants to blame Aparajita for Amma’s death. She goes to Amma to inject the drugs and kill her. She tells that Aparajita is giving her medicines and hence, she will get blamed. Mohini gives the injection to Amma. Aparajita sees her and suspects her. Akshay gets the doctor. Mohini asks if he didn’t take Nia to the hospital. He tells that there is still time. Doctor tells that a slow poison is given to Amma, and that’s injected into her veins in high doses. Aparajita is shocked to learn this, and so is Akshay. Mohini drops the syringe there. She gets worried.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd March 2023 Written Update Kavya’s entry:

Rajveer is shaken by the truth. Shrishti goes out to him and asks him why is he crying when everything is fine now and Preeta is recovering. Rajveer asks her if she knew his blood will match Preeta’s blood group. She tells that she knew it because he is family. He asks why didn’t she tell him. She tells that he never asked him about the blood group. He asks why didn’t she tell him that Preeta is his mother. He states that he has heard the truth. Shrishti grows tense.

He tells that Preeta is his mum, and Shrishti is his aunt. He asks why did she hide such a big truth from him. She cries to explain to him that she didn’t intend to keep him in darkness. She runs away from there. Rajveer goes to Preeta. He asks her if he should call her Maasi or Maa. He gets emotional. He says that he is her son. He asks why didn’t she call him her son till now. He holds her hand. He asks her to just wake up and answer him.

He tells that he has many questions in his mind and he wants all the answers. He asks her to get up and open her eyes. She doesn’t respond to him. He tells that he will better ask Shrishti and know a complete truth. He goes to look for Shrishti. He asks Shrishti to tell him the truth. She asks what is he saying. He asks her not to make an excuse. He tells that he heard everything when she was talking to his Maa. She asks him not to call Preeta his mom. He asks her to tell the truth.

She remembers Preeta’s hardships. He doesn’t let her go. She tells that she is his mother and she has raised him. She asks if is it less. He asks if is it less that Preeta has given him birth. He wants to know why can’t Preeta become his mother, does she hate him or feel ashamed of him, and why did she give him to Shrishti. She slaps him in anger. She tells that Preeta loves him a lot since he was born. She apologizes for slapping him. She tells that the truth is Preeta is his Maa. She asks Rajveer not to call Preeta his Maa, or else she can’t bear the truth. She tells him that Preeta used to get panic attacks.

She wants Preeta to stay normal. She reminds him how they have taken care of Preeta, by keeping her away from shocks. She requests him to not call Preeta his Maa. He tells that he doesn’t understand anything. He asks why didn’t she tell him that he is Preeta’s son, and why didn’t Preeta tell him the truth. She asks him to come with her. She takes him to Preeta. She asks Preeta to open her eyes and see Rajveer. He tells that she can’t hear anything because she isn’t conscious. She tells that Preeta is living on medicines. She answers his questions. She tells that she had hidden the truth from him for a reason.

She reveals that Preeta doesn’t know Rajveer is her son. She tells that Preeta has lost her memory. She adds that Preeta shifted to a new house when he was seven months old and she had forgotten that he is her son. She tells that Rajveer had called her Maa for the first time. She recalls the past. She asks Preeta if isn’t she paying attention, and Rudra was going to fall. Preeta asks her to look after her son. Shrishti accepts Rudra as her name. She doesn’t tell anything to Preeta. She realized that Rudra is now her responsibility. She tells that Preeta used to get nightmares, she used to scream and wake up from sleep.

She adds that Preeta’s fate turned bad. She remembers Preeta blaming herself and crying for Karan. Rajveer asks Shrishti what happened to Preeta that she forgot her son and changed so much. Shrishti tells him about Luthras, who insulted Preeta and threw her out of their house. She tells that Preeta was taking her children for vaccination, Anjali was mad about Karan’s love, and she kidnapped the babies and tried to kill Karan and Preeta. She reveals Karan and Preeta’s deadly accident. She tells that Anjali had lost her mind and became a criminal. She adds that his twin brother Shaurya reached the hospital, but Rajveer couldn’t.

Rajveer is surprised to know about her brother. She tells him that he has many relations. She reveals the names of his family members. He learns about his elder sister Kavya and brother Shaurya. He tells that he always felt he has relations made by heart, but he didn’t know the truth. He feels bad that she had hidden the truth from him. She doesn’t want him to get hurt. She tells that Preeta has given him to her with faith. She tries to protect him from the past shadows. Preeta gains consciousness. Shrishti asks him to take care of Preeta. She goes to call the doctor. Rajveer weeps helplessly that he can’t call Preeta his mother.


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