Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update Preeta returns

Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update Preeta returns

Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update Preeta returns to the city where she had lost everything. She lands in Mumbai to accompany Rajveer. Shrishti feels relieved that Preeta has lost her memory and doesn’t remember Karan and the Luthras. She thinks even if Preeta comes across anyone, she will not identify them. She asks Preeta to take care of herself. She wants Rajveer to look after Preeta and keep his responsibility. Rajveer wants to make his madness away. He tells that Preeta doesn’t know their relationship. He wants to tell her that he is her son and she is his mother. Preeta is sure that Shrishti can’t live without them and she will come following them. Shrishti hugs Preeta and Rajveer. She wishes Preeta stays okay and Rajveer changes his mind.

She wants them to come back soon. Rajveer and Preeta board the bus. Preeta tells him that Shrishti has done a good thing by giving Rajveer to her. She tells that Shrishti has given her Rajveer, who loves her as his mother. Preeta tells that she feels Rajveer is like her son. She feels fearless that he is with her. She shares her feelings. She tells that she counts on him. Rajveer feels responsible and happy to get her love.


He wants to take revenge on their enemies. He blames the Luthras for snatching his mother and staining his childhood with prolonged sorrow. He doesn’t forgive them. On the other hand, Rakhi is upset with Nidhi. She compares Nidhi and Preeta. She misses Preeta. Rakhi tells Nidhi that Preeta might have her own reasons or helplessness to leave Shaurya and go away. She tells that Preeta is Shaurya’s mother and she would have never left him willingly. Nidhi feels blessed that Preeta left their lives. She wishes Preeta never returns to them. Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Mohini realizes that Aparajita had got the proof, that medicine bottle which was hidden in the flower pot. She fears that Aparajita can ask the doctor about the drug and know everything. She tells that Aparajita might give the bottle for tests. Aparajita calls the doctor to ask for the reports. Mohini plans to change the reports somehow if she has to save herself from the blames. Aparajita decides to expose Mohini by giving her the same dose of drugs. Chavi tells Mohini that she took Aparajita’s signatures on the online education form. Mohini is much glad that Chavi did her work.

She tells that she will get Chavi’s admission done. She thanks Chavi and hugs her. She rejoices that her dream is coming true. She doesn’t find the divorce papers inside. Aparajit records her expressions and laughs at her. She insults Mohini. She tells that she will bring her true face out in front of Akshay. Chavi takes a stand for her mother. She tells that she is the bravest daughter when it’s to her mother. Aparajita challenges Mohini that she will win the game. She threatens of exposing Mohini’s evil in the Navratri days. She tells that she will show Mohini’s true face to Akshay before Navratri ends. Mohini gets mad in anger. She decides to call Kalpana for help. She calls Kalpana and informs her that Akshay is in a big problem. She asks Kalpana to come and save her brother.

Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update Preeta returns:

Karan and Rishabh go to help Shaurya. They find a bunch of people scolding Shaurya. Shaurya asks the man to return the car keys. Karan asks what is happening. Shaurya tells that he will handle the matter. The man complains about Shaurya that he ran over them in his car, and they would die because of his careless driving. Karan asks Shaurya to shut up. He asks the man what happened to them. The man tells that Shaurya drove over their houses, if they were sleeping inside the huts, then they would have died by getting crushed by his car. He tells that Shaurya has put their lives in danger. Karan feels sorry.

Shaurya asks why are the people sleeping on the roadside. Karan lectures him. He angrily rebukes him for making such a big mistake. He tells that he has ruined their houses. He asks Shaurya to apologize to them. Shaurya says sorry. Karan asks him to say it louder. Rishabh apologizes and tells that he will pay for the loss. He takes Shaurya with him. Karan apologizes to them and tells them that he will make new homes for them and compensate for his son’s mistake. The people thank Karan.

Karan goes to Shaurya. Rishabh asks Shaurya to calm down. Shaurya tells that Karan scolded and insulted him in front of everyone. He tells that he hates Karan. Rishabh asks him not to worry, such things keep happening in life. Karan asks the manager to shift those poor people in their low-budget housing complex. He doesn’t want the poor people to sleep on the roads. He is disappointed with Shaurya. He asks him to arrange houses for them as soon as possible. He asks Rishabh what will he say now. He tells that he would be the best businessman, but he is a failed father, he can’t handle Shaurya and can’t understand him. He gets angered. Rishabh asks him to calm down.

Karan asks him not to calm him. He asks where is Shaurya. Rishabh tells that he has sent Shaurya home. Karan tells that Nidhi should teach some manners, values, and kindness to Shaurya. Rishabh tells that it’s Shaurya’s age to fly, so let him fly. He reminds Karan of his young days. Karan tells that he wasn’t irresponsible and careless like Shaurya. Rishabh asks him to calm his mind.

Preeta and Rajveer board the bus. She tells that Shrishti and she used to stay in Mumbai. She adds that she used to practice physiotherapy. She doesn’t remember when Shrishti got married and got a son. Rajveer feels sad. He remembers Shrishti’s words. Preeta tells that Shrishti has given him to her. She feels at peace and secure when he is with her. She tells that he will protect her from every problem and she is sure of this. He promises her. She tells that she doesn’t understand what she is saying, she thinks a lot of him, and he is her son. He gets happy. He knows he is her son, so she finds him so affectionate.

He wants to make the Luthras pay for their mistakes. He thinks he is going to Mumbai with the motive to ruin his dad and get justice for his mom. The bus leaves. Preeta tells him that Mumbai is a city of dreams. He likes to see her positive. She asks him is he excited to go there. He tells that he has a big dream and he will not return until his dreams get fulfilled. She tells that all his dreams will get fulfilled. He tells that he got his mom’s blessing now and his dream will get fulfilled. She tells that her blessings are always with him. He wants revenge on Karan. Karan calls Nidhi and asks her if Shaurya has come home.

She asks him what’s the matter. She tells that Shaurya didn’t come. He tells that Shaurya isn’t acting humanely. He asks her to explain to Shaurya, who just listens to her. He tells that Shaurya should be at home, and he shouldn’t go anywhere. She asks about the matter. He tells her that Shaurya driving over the poor people’s houses on the roadside. He tells that if any life was harmed, then Shaurya would have landed in jail. She assures her that she will talk to Shaurya. She calls Shaurya. He asks what did Hitler tell her if he wants her to lock him at home. She tells that his dad isn’t a Hitler.

She adds that she will always support him. She tells that Karan will be angry until he gets busy with his work. She asks him to avoid Karan. Shaurya tells that he loves her more than his real mom Preeta. He insults Rakhi for always lecturing him. He tells that he loves Nidhi a lot. Nidhi tells that she loves him too. She asks him to take care. Rakhi overhears them. She wishes for a miracle to happen, that Preeta returns to take care of the family. Preeta falls asleep. Rajveer gets emotional when he hears a lady talking to her baby. The lady tells that a mother gets much peace when the child calls her Maa.

He wants to call Preeta his Maa and give her peace. He tells that Preeta is a complete woman, she was married to Karan, she was a good wife and a good Bahu, and they didn’t deserve a kind person like Preeta. He doesn’t forgive Karan, who has snatched his right to call Preeta his mom. He asks Karan to be prepared because he is coming to ruin him. He wants Preeta to get her respect back. Shaurya is with his friends. He remembers Karan’s words. He gets drunk. His friend drives. He asks if they are going to Shaurya’s farmhouse. Shaurya hates Karan and Preeta. He asks for a beer. His friend tells that they will stop at a nearby Dhaba and buy as much beer as he wants.

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