3 Adorable moments in YRKKH of Abhinav Akshara

3 Adorable moments in YRKKH of Abhinav Akshara

3 Adorable moments in YRKKH of Abhinav Akshara #1 Abhinav pays much respect to Akshara when she gets down the car. He opens the door for her and looks at her with a sweet smile. She gets touched when he forwards his hand and helps her get down the car. A sweet song plays in the background, depicting their love story, how their journeys got one, and also their destination. They share a moment.

#2 A man taunts Akshara when she loses Abhir. She searches for Abhir and asks the people around her. The man tells her that he didn’t see her son. He asks her why did she give birth to a child when she can’t handle him. He insults her and asks what kind of a mother is she and if she couldn’t protect her child. He calls her careless and also insensitive to disturb others. Abhinav takes a stand for Akshara. He asks the man if he has no family values. He tells that Akshara is finding her child. He asks him to respect a woman, rather than judge her. He taunts that the man doesn’t know respecting his family’s women. He adds that he respects his wife. He doesn’t tolerate any nonsense about her. Akshara gets to see his love for her.


#3 Abhir returns to them. Abhinav hugs him and saves him from Akshara’s scolding. He gets emotional and adds that he was panicking and that Abhir left. Abhinav hugs him with love and sheds tears. He tells that he can never lose his son, Abhir. He makes Abhir promise that he won’t leave him ever. Akshara gets to see Abhinav’s immense love for Abhir when Abhinav calls Abhir his son and embraces him. Abhinav tells Akshara that he got more than he imagined, and now he is afraid of losing his happy family.

Akshara understands his fears. She promises that he won’t lose anyone. He says that he is happy to get a family in Akshara and Abhir. He wants to grow old with them. Akshara also wants to feel the same emotions for Abhinav, by making his love a big strength for her. She values Abhinav and is grateful that their life is changing. Akshara wards off the bad sight to protect Abhinav. He gets overwhelmed by her sweet lovey-dovey gesture of care and affection.

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