4 Big Twists in Bhagya Lakshmi Maitree Aparajita Radha Mohan

4 Big Twists in Bhagya Lakshmi Maitree Aparajita Radha Mohan

4 Big Twists in Bhagya Lakshmi Maitree Aparajita Radha Mohan Lakshmi wishes all the best to Malishka. Malishka thanks her and wishes her the same. Kiran tells Malishka that she has to win. Malishka asks her not to worry, she will win. Rishi asks everyone to sit back, the prasad will be served to them and they won’t tell them about the person who prepared the halwa. He says that the wait is finally over. He knows about two bowls, which one is prepared by Malishka and which is prepared by Lakshmi. The family members taste the halwa and decide on the winner.



Maitree is shocked to see Vasundara coming as the chief guest at the fair. She asks Vasundara to bless her so that she succeeds. She tells that the one who makes things better is obviously better than the one who spoils them. She is glad to disappoint Vasundara. She gets a call and is shocked to learn that the models aren’t coming. She wonders how will she pull off the event now.

Radha Mohan:

Bhushan crosses his limits by daring to apply the colors to Radha. She asks him not to dare touch her. Bhushan gets evil and throws the saree end into a sugarcane grinding machine. Radha’s saree gets stuck and pulled by the machine. She worries about her dignity getting at stake. She shouts to call Mohan for help. Bhushan tells that he will expose her beauty in front of everyone. He makes an evil laugh.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Kalpana’s son troubles the kids. Aparajita stops him from hitting stones at others. She tells that the bad kids behave badly, and he shouldn’t do so. The boy runs to his mother and complains about Aparajita. Aparajita is shocked to see Kalpana and asks her how did she come all of a sudden. Kalpana tells that she often comes without informing anyone just to know who gets happy seeing her and who doesn’t. Kalpana has come on Mohini’s call. She dislikes Aparajita.

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