2 Awesome Spoilers in Kundali Bhagya Exclusive

2 Awesome Spoilers in Kundali Bhagya Exclusive

2 Awesome Spoilers in Kundali Bhagya Exclusive #1 Shaurya and Preeta make an instant connection on their first meeting. She blesses him and regards him as her son. Shaurya too finds some connection between them. Strangely, he didn’t see the picture of his real mother Preeta once during his growing years and till the age of 20. He finds her sweet and also takes her advice, without tagging it a baseless lecture. He behaves against his personality. Preeta’s presence makes him calm. On the other hand, Preeta tells Rajveer that she just met a guy who she felt is her son. She tells him that the guy was just like Rajveer, he didn’t call her Maasi and that’s the only difference.

She felt that Shaurya is family. She tells that Shaurya is just Rajveer’s copy. She adds that if she ever had a son, then it would be someone like Shaurya. Shaurya gets keen to capture her in his memory because she makes a remarkable impact on him with her sweetness and lovely smile. He isn’t able to get away. He doesn’t know their blood relation. Rajveer isn’t jealous hearing Preeta’s words about Shaurya, because he knows he isn’t her only son, but he has his twin brother Shaurya too. He wants to tell her that he is her son and she has another son Shaurya. He thinks she is feeling Shaurya and her heart knows it well.


#2 As mentioned in our another post,, Preeta and Rajveer will be meeting with a deadly accident because of Shaurya hitting the bus. Rajveer will be seen saving Preeta’s life and doing a son’s duty. Palki’s entry is going to happen at the accident scene. She will be seen as a kind and helpful person, who respects her medical profession. Palki gets impressed by Rajveer who risks his life to save Preeta. Shaurya’s arrest news is reported to bring in another character, Kavya to the show. Palki and Kavya’s entries will be the highlight this week. How excited are you to watch them? Comment below and keep reading.


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