Kundali Bhagya 28th March 2023 Written Update New entry

Kundali Bhagya 28th March 2023 Written Update New entry

Kundali Bhagya 28th March 2023 Written Update New entry Shaurya troubles the bus driver and distracts him. The bus driver loses control of the steering and drives the bus to the cliff edge. The bus stops at the edge while the people scream for their lives. They try to vacate the bus and get down as soon as possible. Preeta asks Rajveer to help the people. She also saves a couple’s child and gets late to save herself. She gets trapped inside. Rajveer can’t leave her alone inside the falling bus. He breaks the glass of the window and gets inside the save Preeta. Palki’s entry happens. She also helps people. Preeta gets injured when the bus steeps down. Rajveer pulls her in time and saves her life.

Rajveer and Preeta get hurt but manage to come out of the bus. Palki is a doctor, who treats injured people on the spot. Rajveer also gets help from Palki. Later, Rajveer barges into the Luthra house with the police to get Shaurya Luthra arrested. He accuses Shaurya of the bus accident. He tells that many lives fell in danger because of Shaurya. Palki’s entry will be happening in this episode. Also, Luthras expect Kavya to come home. Shrishti learns about the accident. She tells that can’t stay back in the city when her sister needs her. Shrishti leaves for Mumbai to take care of Preeta and Rajveer. Keep reading for a quick update on Kundali Bhagya 28th March 2023.


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Josh tells Pihu that he has decided, he is not going to help Raghav and he has already told Lakhan about breaking their partnership. He doesn’t want any trouble for his company’s reputation. Lakhan summons Raghav home for a talk about Sania’s matter. He tells that everything that happened was unexpected. Raghav tells that he expected this to happen because he has enemies who are good at planning and plotting.

He tells that it was a well-executed plan, everything happened step by step and he is sure someone is behind it. Lakhan is stunned. Josh calls Raghav at the office. He tells that he can remove ARP from the partnership contract anytime as mentioned in the clause. He tells that he is ending the partnership because Raghav is bringing shame to their company. He throws Raghav out of the company. Prachi feels bad for Raghav.


Sarkar meets Meet after getting her defamed. He tells her that Manmeet is his son and he loves the family a lot. He adds that Manmeet has done everything for the family’s sake. He tells that he has accepted Yashoda on the condition that Manmeet will defame Meet’s name. He wants Meet to undergo a shock in the court when Manmeet raises a question on her character and leaves her speechless. Sarkar wants revenge on Meet. He asks Manmeet to defame Meet in such a way that the people remember it for long. Yashoda feels sorry for Meet. Sarkar tells that no woman should dare to stand on her feet.

Yashoda doesn’t support Meet, being afraid of him. Manmeet gives his word to Sarkar for the sake of Yashoda’s happiness. Sarkar threatens of disowning Manmeet if the latter goes against him. Manmeet is in a big dilemma. He chooses his family over Meet. Meet rebukes Manmeet for insulting her. He is happy to get rid of her.

Kundali Bhagya 28th March 2023 Written Update New entry:

Shaurya drives in front of the bus. The bus driver tells that he will overtake the jeep because he has to take a right turn. Shaurya follows the bus and gets rigid to compete with the driver. The driver sees Shaurya following him again. He races with the bus. The bus driver moves the steering when Shaurya attempts to hit the bus. The bus met with an accident because of Shaurya. It hangs onto the cliff. The people get injured. Preeta tells that they should get off the bus. Shaurya’s friends see the bus accident. Sandy tells that they should leave before getting caught. Shaurya asks them to enjoy the climax. He stays there and tells him that he wants to see the bus fall down. The driver tries to open the door and vacate the bus. Preeta asks them to not rush and makes the kids go out first. Shaurya acts inhumanely and watches them in trouble. He doesn’t take a step to help anyone.

Rajveer asks Preeta to come. Rajveer gets down and asks her to hold his hand. She tells that they have to save little kids also. She feels dizzy. He tells that they are safe, and they have come out of the bus. He lifts her and takes her away from the bus. He asks her is she okay. He finds Shaurya and his friends there. He runs after them. Shaurya finishes his beer and drives away. Rajveer tells that he will teach a lesson to Shaurya. He gets tired and stops. Shaurya teases him. Rajveer doesn’t see his face. Shaurya feels entertained when Rajveer runs after the jeep.

Rajveer takes a stone and throws it at them. Shaurya doesn’t get hurt. He gets down the car to face him. He sees the angry crowd following and flees from there. Rajveer runs back to the accident site. He asks about Preeta. The lady tells that Preeta has gone back into the bus to save a stuck child. Rajveer runs to save Preeta. Preeta asks the girl to hold her hand. She sees Rajveer and asks why did he come. She asks him to go back. He breaks the emergency exit window. He gets inside and asks Preeta to hold his hand. Preeta loses balance and gets hurt. She also falls for the girl.

Rajveer tells that he is coming. She gets the girl with her. She holds Rajveer’s hand with much difficulty, and finally, the trio makes a way out of the bus. Rajveer gets injured by the broken glass while bringing Preeta out of the bus safely. They both faint down. Shaurya and his friends have no regrets about the accident. Sandy tells that nobody can catch Shaurya. Shaurya also boasts of himself. He tells that he had scared the bus driver. He continues to drink. His phone falls.

It reminds him of Preeta. He thinks if Preeta was also there on that bus, and wishes she stays okay. He then clears his mind and tells that he doesn’t care for anyone’s life. Dr. Palki reaches the accident site to do her job. She reaches Rajveer first and tries to wake him up. Rajveer sees Palki. Palki and her team provide medical help on time. She stops Rajveer from tying a dirty cloth on a wound, which can cause infection. She tells that many people need their help. She thinks he is a doctor and asks him to get to work. He asks when did he say he is a doctor. She asks him to talk less and do his work. Rajveer seems influenced by her.

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