Bhagya Lakshmi 30th March 2023 Written Update Love twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th March 2023 Written Update Love twist

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Bhagya Lakshmi 30th March 2023 Written Update Love song twist Ayush tells Neha that she doesn’t mean anything to him, she is just Shalu’s sister and that means she is his sister-in-law. Ayush tells Shalu that she is his everything. Ayush and Shalu share a moment and apply the colors to each other. Ayush gets much happy. Rishi wants to know if he did anything wrong to confess his feelings to Lakshmi. Rishi and Lakshmi play Holi and apply the colors. She reads his heart and tells him that she would have never gotten separated from him if she was his love. He tells that she isn’t separated. Ayush pushes Rishi into the big pool. Shalu and Bani push Lakshmi too. Rishi and Lakshmi get inside the pool and don’t get a way out. Ayush tells that if they want to come out of the pool, then they have to fulfill a condition and sing a romantic song. The people cheer for Rishi and Lakshmi. Rishi thinks it’s a chance for him to express his love to her. Malishka watches them and loses her mind. Keep reading for a quick written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 30th March 2023.


Vasundara creates trouble for Maitree. Maitree faces a problem when the models turn don’t up. Maitree devises a plan and asks the family members to help her. She turns the family members into models. She tells Ashish that he inspires her and gives her strength. Ashish and Maitree walk on the stage and also get Nandish along. Vasundara wants to use their friendship against them. Maitree tells that Ashish is his friend and she is proud of their friendship. She tells that there is nobody to wear the special costume and become the showstopper. Ashish finds Tai ji a good option. He convinces Tai ji by provoking her against Vasundara.

Maitree tells that Kusum’s investment will be ruined if the event fails. Tai ji tells that she can understand what they are trying to do. She agrees to walk the ramp and make Vasundara jealous. She becomes the showstopper. Tai ji surprises everyone by giving a rocking performance on the stage. Maitree and Ashish also didn’t expect this. Maitree tells that Sona is a lioness, so she has come alone to face them. Vasundara calls the fashion show nonsense. She tells the people that Maitree has made her family members walk on the ramp because she didn’t get any models. She calls Maitree a failed event manager.

Maitree gives Vasundara a good reply. She asks why can’t common people model for the show that’s meant for them. Maitree is applauded for her confident approach. She thanks Ashish for help. Ashish praises Tai ji for making the event a big success. Tai ji happily blesses Maitree. She tells that Maitree will be always Saransh’s wife for her. Maitree hopes Vasundara learned a lesson. Vasundara tries to spoil Maitree’s name and reputation. Maitree gets the reimbursement cheque and gets emotional. She tells that she will give this to the women who helped her accomplish the event. She gets worried when she is asked for her office address and company registration details.

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th March 2023 Written Update Love twist:

Everyone dances at the Holi party. Ayush takes Shalu aside and asks her if will she play Holi with everyone. She tells that she has to play with someone else also, her Holi won’t be complete if she doesn’t play Holi with that person. She tells that he is that person for her. He tells that she is also that person for him. They both apply colors to each other and wish Happy holi. They get happy and share a moment of love. Rano greets Dadi. Dadi tells that she wishes Rano’s heart gets cleared of evil. Rishi and Lakshmi apply the Holi colors to each other. He thinks he has done wrong by confessing his feelings to her. She thinks his love gives her courage and peace, and she feels fearless when he is with her.

They both talk via the heart. He regards her as a life savior. He wants to know why she refused his love. She knows they both know the reason for her refusal. She wishes their relationship was like before, then his love would have become her fate, but now he is in Malishka’s fate. Rishi wishes that she becomes her fate. She doesn’t think their prayer will get answered. He thinks even if he can’t even pray to get his love. She tells that she got separated from him, if she was his love then this would have not happened. He tells that she isn’t separated from him. Ayush and Shalu take them to play Holi.

Dadi asks Virender and Neelam to come with her and enjoy. The neighbors greet them. They tell them that they can also join the Oberois. Malishka dances with Sonia and Sonal. A guy stares at Malishka. Ayush asks Rishi not to feel bad, it’s Holi, and everything is allowed. The guys throw Rishi inside a pool. The family laughs at seeing Rishi. Virender tells that they used to throw people in the mud in the old times. Neelam is thankful that times have changed. Shalu pushes Lakshmi into the pool. Lakshmi shouts. Rishi holds Lakshmi. Malishka and Sonal watch Lakshmi and Rishi enjoying themselves in the pool.

Sonal tells that Malishka should have been there with Rishi, but Lakshmi is getting all the fun. The guy comes to apply colors to Malishka. She pushes him aside and leaves. The guy gets revengeful. Lakshmi and Rishi have a romantic moment in the pool. Ayush, Shalu, and Ahana get happy for them. Ayush doesn’t let Lakshmi and Rishi come out of the pool. He splashes water at them. He asks them to complete a challenge if they want to come out. A lady asks Rishi and Lakshmi to sing a song. Lakshmi refuses.

Rishi asks Ayush not to get adamant when she is refusing. Ayush asks him to sing a song and play Holi from his heart. Malishka asks Rishi to come out of the pool. Virender enjoys the holi with his friends. Dadi and Neelam also play with their friends. Karishma stops Rano. Rano doesn’t listen and applies the colors to her. She tells that everyone is the same on a festive day. Kiran asks Karishma not to take Rano so seriously.

Ayush doesn’t let Rishi and Lakshmi come out. Rishi tells that there is no way out, they have to sing. The guy catches Malishka and asks why is she refusing to play Holi with him. Rishi sings a romantic song for Lakshmi. The guy misbehaves with Malishka. She lectures him. He tells that he has gone mad seeing her. Lakshmi also sings with Rishi. Malishka beats the guy. She tells that Rishi will beat him and then the police will arrest him. She tells him that she is Malishka and she will ruin him if he comes her way. Rishi and Lakshmi come out of the pool. They share a moment. Ayush tells that Rishi loves Lakshmi.

Shalu also feels the same. He gets an idea. He tells that Bhaang is a solution, they will feed the Bhaang to Rishi and bring out his emotions. He tells that they will spike Malishka’s thandai also to make her admit her crimes. Sonal asks Malishka where did she disappear. Malishka tells that Lakshmi will become the loser. She tells that she will spike Lakshmi’s thandai and see the drama. Rano wants to teach a lesson to Karishma.

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