Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update Shaurya arrest

Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update Shaurya arrest

Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update Shaurya arrested Rakhi complains about Nidhi in front of Karan. Karan isn’t in the mood to listen to anything. He asks Rakhi to let him focus on the business and not involve him in family matters. He asks Rakhi to handle Nidhi. He asks her not to come to him again with complaints. Rakhi is disheartened. She was afraid that Karan will misunderstand her if she says anything against his wife. Karan tells that she should keep him away from such things. Palki thinks Rajveer is a doctor. She finds him making a mistake and scolds him. She asks him if he didn’t get good training.

Preeta overhears them and laughs. She enjoys their banter. Rajveer gets angry recalling the incident. He takes the police to the Luthra house. He gets Shaurya arrested. A big twist comes with Shaurya’s arrest. Preeta learns about the police case and doesn’t know what to do. She goes to help Shaurya and free him from jail. She doesn’t think he has done that purposely. Palki and Rajveer will be seen meeting again. Keep reading for more news, spoilers and a quick written update on Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2023.


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Chiku left the house and went with Rishita and Dev. He misses Dhara. He refuses to eat the food. He tells that he wants to go back home. Shesh and Mittu also know that they want to go home. Rishita gets angry at them and asks them to shut up. Chiku regrets his decision of leaving the house.


Sarkar and Manmeet reach the court. The media and people insult Meet and ask them to throw him out of Meet from their village. Manmeet denies the video in court and saves Meet’s respect. Meet is thankful to him. Shagun tells Manmeet that Meet shouldn’t come between them. Manmeet swears to never bring Meet back. Meet meets Meet Ahlawat’s dad and tells him that she wants to come back to Ahlawat’s house by leaving Sarkarpur. Manmeet promises Shagun that he will drop Meet to her Maayka.

Meet tells that she is getting happy seeing Manmeet happy with Shagun. She tells that Manmeet and Shagun love each other. She doesn’t want to separate them. Shagun thanks Manmeet and hugs him. Papa ji asks her what about her dreams when she wanted to start a factory in Sarkarpur for supporting women. She tells that her dreams will be fulfilled. She doesn’t want Manmeet to stay unhappy in their marriage. She is happy that he doesn’t regard her as an enemy but as a friend.

She tells that Manmeet saved her life and also stood by him, and now it’s her turn to free him from the fake marriage. She wishes Manmeet gets his love. She knows she can never get his love. She hugs him and takes his blessings. He asks her to tell the truth, isn’t she feeling hurt to leave Manmeet and his family? He knows she can’t lie to him. She tells that she regrets leaving everyone behind. She doesn’t mention Manmeet’s name. She says that she is much hurt to leave Manmeet and go because she got to fight with him but she has to go away for his happiness. He feels sorry for her. He tells that Meet loves Manmeet.

Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2023 Written Update Shaurya arrest:

Palki asks Rajveer to get to work. He likes her when she takes care of Preeta and the injured people. The man calls her to attend to his relative. Palki tells Rajveer that she has given an injection to Preeta, she is safe and will be conscious in some time. She attends to others and asks Rajveer to assist her with her work. She calls him a doctor. Rajveer assists her. Palki tells that she didn’t become a doctor yet, she is studying medicine, she was going on another bus and saw their accident, she stopped to do her duty and keep her oath, and she will help them to the best of her capabilities. Rajveer tells them what she means. She asks him to repeat the oath. Rajveer repeats the oath. She attends to more patients. Rajveer wants to be with Preeta. Palki asks him where is he going, leaving her, when she needs him.

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