Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2023 Written Update Rhea rejects Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2023 Written Update Rhea rejects Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2023 Written Update Rhea rejects Ranbir. Rhea realizes that Ranbir isn’t happy with the marriage. Ranbir confesses that he isn’t happy at all because Dida didn’t ask him once before making such a big announcement. He was shocked by Akshay proposing to Prachi and before he could come back to his senses, Dida had given another shock to him. Rhea doesn’t want Ranbir to feel forced into marriage. She meets him and finds him sunken in sorrow. She tries to understand if Prachi’s return has changed him. She cries when he doesn’t respond to her. Rhea scolds Ranbir and asks did he get his importance and if is he happy with the attention. She refuses the marriage.

She tells that she will not marry him. Ranbir is stunned by Rhea’s reply. On the other hand, a sobbing Prachi tells Dadi and Sahana that Akshay had proposed to her at the party, and what was more shocking was Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage announcement. She was aware of Akshay’s feelings for her, but she wasn’t aware that Ranbir also wants her to move on. She tells them that Ranbir had helped Akshay with the proposal, which means he has gotten over their past.


Prachi feels shaken and shattered that Ranbir is moving on with Rhea. Sahana tells that Prachi got peace in her life after many years by many difficulties. She suggests that Prachi holds back the peace and not lose it for Ranbir’s sake. She asks Prachi to forget Ranbir and move on with Akshay. She advises Prachi to accept Akshay’s marriage proposal and move on in her life. Prachi is stunned by Sahana’s advice. What will Ranbir and Prachi do? Will a misunderstanding break them apart? Keep reading for a quick full update coming shortly on your favorite show Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2023.


Meet is shocked to see Papa ji and Babita meeting an accident. He rushes them to the hospital. Meet gets worried for Rajvardhan and Babita when their picture falls. She worries about the bad women. Babita dies at the accident spot. Meet shares her tension with Anuja. Rajvardhan asks Manmeet to promise him that he will take care of Meet. He tells him that Babita left him and he has to go to her, he can’t live without her and he had promised her that they both will live and die together. Manmeet tells that he will go and get Meet.

Rajvardhan doesn’t let him inform Meet. Yashoda tells Meet that she is with her for help. She thanks Meet for helping her in her bad times. Manmeet tells that Meet should know the truth. Papa ji tells that Meet had lost her dad and her child, then her mum and her husband. He adds that she has lost everyone she loved, and there is nobody in the world who supports her. Manmeet asks how can he hide such a big thing from her. Papa ji tells him that someone should enter her life and stand by her, someone who supports her and understands her feelings. He asks Manmeet not to inform Meet about Babita and his leaving.

Manmeet gets compelled to promise Rajvardhan. Papa ji breathes his last. Manmeet cries for his death. He tells that it’s Meet’s right to do the last rituals. He doesn’t want to snatch Meet’s rights. He keeps his promises and does the rituals on Meet’s behalf. Meet doesn’t know about Rajvardhan and Babita’s demise. She gets emotional talking to Yashoda. She asks her to take care of Manmeet. She tells that Manmeet loves his family a lot, he had fought with her to make her out of the house but he won in the end because of love. Yashoda cries for Meet. Meet meets the entire family and bids them farewell. Manmeet promises Papa ji that he will find a true life partner for Meet.

Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2023 Written Update Rhea rejects Ranbir:

Prachi tells Sahana that Ranbir is going to marry Rhea. Dadi and Sahana console Prachi. They understand Prachi’s emotions. Prachi tells that she isn’t crying, she doesn’t know why she is feeling bad when everything is over between Ranbir and her. She tells that she is okay. Sahana tells that Rhea might have told Dida to announce so that Prachi goes away from their lives. Dadi can’t see Prachi shattered. Dida congratulates Akshay. Ashok congratulates Kohlis. He tells that he will apologize to them from Prachi’s side. He adds that Prachi has become of his family. Pallavi sees Ranbir’s reaction. She is worried for him. Ashok tells that she is happy that Akshay proposed to Prachi and she accepted his proposal.

He thanks Ranbir for making this possible. He adds that Ranbir’s birthday will always be special for them because Akshay got Prachi in his life because of Ranbir. Ashok and Akshay make a leave. Vikram and Pallavi see Ranbir upset. Vikram tells that he wants to talk to Ranbir, the announcement could be avoided, but when the damage is done, he has to console his son. He agrees with Pallavi. Dida tells that she wants Ranbir and Rhea to get married because Ranbir got angry seeing Akshay proposing to Prachi. She tells that she is happy Ranbir has someone with him. Rhea hears them and feels bad.

She goes to meet Ranbir. She asks him not to use her like a bandage. He asks what is she saying. She tells that he is using her to lessen his pain. He asks when did he use her. She tells that he has asked Dadi to make the marriage announcement when his feelings got hurt after Akshay proposed to Prachi. She tells that he just wanted attention and he did this. Ranbir tells that she is misunderstanding him. She tells him that she will not marry him, because she doesn’t want to marry him. Prachi sobs that one doesn’t get what they want. She regrets her fate. She doesn’t want to face the same dilemma again. She tells that her heart isn’t in her control. Sahana consoles her.

Prachi tells that she is okay and happy. Sahana knows that she is heartbroken. Prachi tells that she is happy for Rhea. She wants Rhea to get all the happiness. She tells that she has a hurtful feeling in her heart but she doesn’t know the reason. Sahana asks her if she is hurt by Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage news. She asks Prachi not to hide her pain. Prachi denies it. Sahana asks her to ask her heart for whom is she shedding tears. Prachi knows she is crying for Ranbir. She wonders why is she crying when she is happy for Rhea. She consoles herself. Rhea tells Ranbir that she doesn’t want to marry him because it’s wrong to use her to counter someone’s proposal.

Ranbir tells that she is mistaken and she should listen to him once. She tells that he should have reacted at the time of the announcement, but he was silent. She adds that Prachi is her sister, she seemed happy and she deserves to move on. She asks Ranbir not to spoil their pure friendship with marriage. She tells that she isn’t ready for marriage. She adds that she remembers the day when she was fighting for her life, she was on a deathbed, and everyone was emotional, Pallavi made Ranbir promise her, but it was emotionally driven, it’s not his mistake and now Prachi has come back.

She doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong. She tells that their relationship got complicated before, they had undergone a lot of sorrow and now they should stay away. She is happy to get a loving family. She has learned unconditional love. She tells that there are no complications in her life and she wants to keep things simple. She doesn’t let him clarify. She tells him that she doesn’t want to undergo the same issues, she is liking their relationship made by purity and respect because there is no ego, jealousy, and dirty games, they are happy together and they do everything for each other with their hearts.

She doesn’t want anything to get changed. Ranbir asks her to talk to the family elders once. He tells her that she should tell them and clear their mind too. Sahana tells Dadi that Prachi is crying a lot, but she is confused about the reason that is hurting her. Dadi tells that they shouldn’t listen to Prachi’s words, but feel her emotions. Sahana goes back to Prachi. She understands Prachi’s feelings. She asks Prachi to forget Ranbir and move on. She wants Prachi to stop torturing herself and understand. She tells that Ranbir is moving on with Rhea, and even Prachi should move on with Akshay by accepting his proposal.

Prachi tells that Ranbir can move on, it’s his life and his decision, but she will not decide according to his decision. She wants to think of herself. She tells that it’s her life and her thinking, she will not compete with Ranbir, her decision won’t depend on Ranbir, and she won’t say yes to Akshay just because Ranbir is marrying Rhea. Akshay calls Prachi. Sahana asks Prachi to not take the call. Prachi disconnects the call. She tells that she will decide for her life. Prachi switches off her phone. Akshay thinks that Prachi got angry at him. He doesn’t know what is she thinking.

Prachi tells that she has experienced many problems in her life. She wants to decide by her past experiences. Sahana asks why will she sit back when Ranbir is moving on. She tells that Prachi is still emotionally connected to Ranbir. She asks Prachi not to fool her with lies. She has seen Prachi battling her life’s every problem. She knows Prachi well. Prachi tells that just she knows what she is feeling. Sahana understands Prachi. She knows Prachi still loves Ranbir. She asks Prachi to forget Ranbir and marry Akshay.

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