Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2023 Written Update Rhea stuns

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2023 Written Update Rhea stuns

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2023 Written Update Rhea stuns the Kohli family. Sahana tells Prachi that she can understand Prachi’s silence. She knows that Prachi misses Ranbir and loves him a lot. She tells that Prachi is affected by Ranbir’s presence. She adds that Ranbir’s love didn’t give her peace. She asks her to forget Ranbir and move on with Akshay, or else Ranbir will snatch her peace. She asks her to give her a chance for Akshay and herself. She tells that it’s Prachi’s right to stay happy. Prachi asks Sahana if she doesn’t understand her. She denies her feelings for Ranbir. She doesn’t want to talk to Sahana. She makes Prachi leave her room. She cries profusely. Sahana asks Prachi to make Ranbir out of her life.

Prachi thinks of Rhea’s happiness with Ranbir. On the other hand, Ranbir tells Rhea that he agrees with her, but if he tells this to his family then they will misunderstand him and they will blame Prachi. He doesn’t want them to get against Prachi. He tells that Prachi was happy with their announcement which means she has moved on in her life, but his family won’t believe this. She tells that she doesn’t know if Prachi moved on or not, and what is Ranbir feeling, what he thinks about Prachi and her. She tells that their relationship is important and she is happy that they all are happy.


She takes him to the living room and summons the family members. She apologizes to them. She tells that she has to take a step that they may not like. She knows they love her and admits that she also loves them. She tells that she can’t do what they want. Pallavi asks what is she trying to say. Rhea tells that she can’t marry Ranbir. Rhea’s decision shocks the family members. Ranbir is happy with her decision. Dida asks Rhea why can’t she marry Ranbir. Badi Dadi asks Rhea if Ranbir told her something. Ranbir tells that he swears he didn’t tell anything. Rhea tells that Ranbir didn’t tell anything.

Dida blames Pallavi for brainwashing Rhea. Rhea tells that Pallavi didn’t tell her anything. Pallavi doesn’t want anyone to feel compelled. Rhea asks Dida to listen to her once. She tells that Pallavi didn’t know about her decision. Badi Dadi tells that Rhea will marry Ranbir. Dida tells that Rhea is her favorite. They want Rhea to get her rights, irrespective of Pallavi’s decision. Rhea tells that she will try to explain them. She tells that Pallavi didn’t tell her anything.

Dida still doubts Pallavi. Rhea tells that it’s Ranbir’s life and he has a right to decide. She apologizes to disappoint them. She asks them to let Ranbir decide for his life. Ranbir is glad. Rhea tells that she isn’t ready to marry Ranbir. Aryan feels Rhea has changed completely. Pallavi tells that Rhea understood what Dida was trying to do. She is proud of Rhea. She tells that Dida wanted to show Prachi that if she can move on, then Ranbir can also move on with someone. She is glad that Rhea understood this and stepped back.

Akshay gets restless thinking of Prachi. He wants to get her reply. Ashok finds Akshay awake. He tells that he didn’t come to spy, he was passing by and saw Akshay restless. He asks Akshay what is happening to him, and why isn’t he in peace. Akshay tells that since he proposed to Prachi, she didn’t talk to him. He adds that she had disconnected his call and switched off the phone. He doubts that she got upset with him. Ashok asks him to give time to Prachi, she might be in shock because his proposal was unexpected. Akshay tells that she doesn’t do drama in front of people. He knows her. Ashok asks him to meet her at the office tomorrow. Akshay fears that she will refuse him again.

Ashok asks him to be positive. He tells that Prachi might have liked his proposal, and she will discuss the matter with her family and come to them with her consent. Akshay tells him that Rhea is Prachi’s sister and that Rhea is going to marry Ranbir. Ashok tells that he knows it, and that’s why he congratulated Ranbir. Ashok gives him hope that Prachi will say yes to him. Akshay tells that Rhea liked him for Prachi. Ashok asks him to stay confident. Sahana hugs Dadi and weeps. She tells that she tried to tell Prachi what’s right and what’s wrong for her, but Prachi is lying to her.

Dadi knows that Prachi doesn’t want to decide according to Ranbir’s decision. She knows Prachi’s frame of mind. She doesn’t want Prachi to refuse Akshay. Sahana tells that Prachi should move on, Akshay loves her and wants to marry her. Dadi also feels Akshay is right for Prachi. She tells that Akshay loves Prachi, but even Ranbir loves her. She doesn’t doubt Ranbir’s love. She tells that when love grows old, its passion ends and ego is born. She adds that ego makes a relationship turn into a challenge. She knows Ranbir and Prachi love each other a lot, Rhea can’t love Ranbir and Akshay can’t love Prachi to that level.

She feels both Ranbir and Prachi have hurt each other, their relationship is over, and life can pass without love because when love leaves their life, it takes away pain and sorrow along with it. She also feels Ranbir and Prachi should feel separated. Sahana asks her to explain this to Prachi. Dadi wants Prachi to decide on her own. She tells that Prachi will prove them wrong because she is deeply hurt and needs time to calm her heart. She is sure that Prachi will listen to her.

Meanwhile, Badi Dadi and Dida ask Rhea if doesn’t she loves them and wants to live with them. They ask Rhea why she refuses to marry Ranbir when she loves him so much. They ask her to become their Bahu and stay with them forever. Rhea tells that she loves the family and she wants to stay with them, she wants their happiness, but she doesn’t need a marital relationship with Ranbir to stay in the house. She tells that Ranbir is her friend, she can stay with them without marrying him, she is happy and there shouldn’t be any rule that she should marry Ranbir to live with the family. She doesn’t want to lose the rights of the family. She asks them to let things stay as it is.

Dida tells that Prachi can come back into Ranbir’s life. She doesn’t want Rhea to suffer again. Rhea tells that she doesn’t want to get into that situation. She adds that she wants to avoid the complications, the situation has changed, and she isn’t the old Rhea who was filled with ego, cheating, and lies. She doesn’t want to go back into her past and become the old Rhea. She asks them to let Ranbir choose Prachi if he loves her, he is free to make a choice, and if Prachi loves Ranbir, then she decides to come back. Ranbir overhears her and is stunned by her reply.


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