Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2023 Written Update Nidhi’s truth

Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2023 Written Update Nidhi's truth

Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2023 Written Update Nidhi’s truth Palki learns that Preeta and Rajveer are new in the city and are looking for a house. She tells Preeta that her Bua ji also lives in Mumbai, and she has one room vacant in her house, which she wants to give on rent. She asks Preeta to check the room once if she finds it suitable. Preeta tells that it’s great news that solved their problem, and if Palki is saying the room is good, then it would be good. She asks Palki if she stays nearby. Palki says yes. Preeta agrees to meet Palki’s Bua ji to see the room. Palki and Rajveer share a moment. On the other hand, Karan gets enough of Shaurya’s complaints. He asks Nidhi to control him.

She tells him that Shaurya isn’t a little kid and that she controls his actions. Karan yells at her. She tells that she can’t lock Shaurya at home and make him sit idle. He tells that Shaurya isn’t doing the work which he is supposed to do. He decides that he will not take Shaurya into his company. He tells that he doesn’t need Shaurya in his business. Nidhi cares a damn about it until Shaurya is her sincere puppet. She just wants to be in Shaurya’s good books, irrespective of what Karan and his family think of her. She recalls how she had taken an advantage of a vulnerable Luthra family who was struggling to look after little Shaurya. She entered the family by using Shaurya. Karan isn’t able to see her truth. He is thankful to Nidhi for raising Shaurya but realizes that his son has gone too far from the family. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2023.


Radha Mohan:

Mohan and Radha get close into a moment. The entire family is drunk. Kadambari laughs seeing their romance. Tulsi laughs at the madness. Gungun asks why is everyone acting weird. Damini tells that everyone had the Bhaang. Mohan and Radha have cute moments. Damini tries to foil their romance. Mohan goes to kiss Radha. Damini gets in between. Mohan tells that he was going to kiss Radha, not her. He doesn’t listen to her. Gungun asks Mohan not to get between them. Radha asks Mohan to dance with everyone. Mohan tells that he wants to kiss her. She stops him and tells him that she wants to dance. The family enjoys dancing. Mohan lifts Radha and takes her. Damini falls and gets hurt. Gungun laughs at Damini. Damini reaches their room. Mohan doesn’t listen to her and slams the door in her face. Damini falls outside the room. She finds Mohan and Radha sharing a romantic moment.

Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2023 Written Update Nidhi’s truth:

Palki tells Rajveer that Preeta told her the truth that he isn’t a doctor. She adds that her mind wasn’t working there and she assumed he is a doctor, but he could have told her the truth today. He tells that he was scared that she will scold him. He asks why didn’t she tell him that she knows the truth now. She asks did he let her speak. She gets upset and goes. He goes after her. He asks why is she leaving the conversation incomplete. He tells that he will not try to explain to her by following her. He adds that it’s the first time that he is explaining to her.

She asks him not to come again because she doesn’t want to talk. He tells that she talks a lot and doesn’t let anyone speak, he wanted to tell her many times that he is not a doctor but she didn’t let him complete it. Preeta tells that Palki finally got to meet Rajveer. She tells him that she has cleared the misunderstanding. Rajveer thanks her. Palki asks him to get quiet. She reminds that he is talking a lot now. He tells that he won’t get quiet, or else she will scold him.

She tells that they are in a hospital and he should get silent. Preeta tells him that they have no place to go, the hotel booking got canceled and now they have to find another place. Rajveer worries. Palki tells that she has a suggestion, her Bua’s house has a vacant room that she wants to give on rent, they can see the room and occupy it if they like it. Preeta asks her if she lives nearby. Palki says yes. Preeta tells that they will be glad if Palki is around because they know her now. Rajveer jokes that they will be scared of her scolding. Palki tells that she will finish her work and come to take them to Bua’s house. Preeta tells that Palki is a sweet girl.

Shaurya and his friends reach the pub. Palki, Preeta, and Rajveer are also around like the hospital and the pub share the same parking lot. Palki tells Preeta that they can hire a taxi and leave. Preeta gets to see Shaurya there. Rajveer sees the jeep in the parking. He recalls the accident. He wants to find the culprit. Palki hires the taxi and asks Preeta and Rajveer to come. Shaurya goes back to his jeep. He looks for his phone. He finds his phone fallen under the jeep. Rajveer tells Preeta that he will just come. He goes inside the pub to see the jeep owner. He asks about the jeep owner. He learns that the guy just went that way. He tells that the guy intentionally did the bus accident.

He wants to find him and teach him a lesson. Preeta asks Rajveer to come. He thinks to drop Preeta home and come back. He wants her safety first. He tells that he will end that guy’s happiness and enjoyment once he comes back. Karan goes to meet Shaurya. He doesn’t find him in his room. He gets angered. He asks Nidhi about Shaurya. He tells that she should have not let Shaurya go out of the house. Nidhi asks him to calm down. She tells that she can’t make Shaurya sit at home, she loves him and can’t be rude toward him. He tells that her love has made him so careless.

He adds that he doesn’t need Shaurya in his business. He wants Shaurya to do something that he makes them proud. He tells that Shaurya should take his life seriously. Nidhi tells that it’s not Shaurya’s mistake, but her mistake. He asks her not to take the fault on her, Shaurya is a grown-up man now and he should take responsibility. She asks him to understand Shaurya, who is clean-hearted and innocent. She tells that Shaurya is a son of a rich man, he helps his friends and does nothing wrong. She adds that Shaurya becomes a victim because of Karan. She defends Shaurya’s actions.

She asks him to remember that Shaurya is his son. He asks her to stop arguing. He tells that he wants to talk to Shaurya. She tells that he needs to calm down when he talks to Shaurya. She asks him to promise that he will try to understand Shaurya and support him. He promises her. He asks her to promise that she will call Shaurya home. She agrees. She calls Shaurya. Shaurya enjoys being with his friends. Bani tells Kareena that Nidhi never listens to her. She feels Nidhi is a wrong choice for the family. Kareena tells that Nidhi used to listen to them before and now she has changed completely. Nidhi hears them. She tells that she heard what they said about her.

She asks her not to talk against her. She tells that she is needed to keep the family well. Bani tells that they didn’t need her, she was good towards them and they liked her. Nidhi tells that she is still a good person. She asks if are they good people to backbite about her. Kareena asks her if doesn’t she retaliate. She tells that she doesn’t respect elders because she will never bow down to them. She threatens them. Bani tells Kareena that Nidhi has threatened them in their face. She wishes that Preeta was with them. She misses Preeta. Kareena asks her not to think of the impossible. She tells that Preeta is no more. Bani tells that she can’t forget Preeta.

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