Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2023 Written Update Romance

Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2023 Written Update Romance

Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2023 Written Update Romance Palki tells Mahi that she can’t get into any affair and hurt her parents. She doesn’t want to disappoint her parents, who have big hopes for her. She tells that they supported her studies by going out of their boundaries and now it’s her turn to support the family. She tells that she can’t break their heart. She feels Daljeet is right that her dad loves her a lot. She also loves her dad the most. She doesn’t want to prove herself wrong in her dad’s sight. She stays an obedient daughter, unlike Mahi who doesn’t like taking responsibilities on her shoulders. On the other hand, Nidhi yells at Rakhi for spoiling things. She tells Rakhi that the vase is so expensive. She asks her not to do any household work. Nidhi’s behavior gets worse.

She tells that she had told the same thing to Rakhi many times, but Rakhi just doesn’t understand. She rules over the Luthra household. Palki meets Preeta at the hospital. She examines Preeta. Preeta mentions her nephew Rajveer. Palki asks is his name Rajveer. She tells that he is Dr. Rajveer. Preeta tells that he is Rajveer Arora, and he isn’t a doctor. She clears Palki’s misunderstanding. She stuns Palki. Palki realizes her mistake of bossing around Rajveer and making him assist her. She apologizes to Preeta. Rakhi breaks down realizing Nidhi is a terrible Bahu, who should have never entered their lives. She pleads to get Preeta back. She hopes for a miracle. She looks for Rajveer to make an apology. Palki and Rajveer’s moment will be seen next. Keep reading for a quick update coming on Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2023.



Manmeet and Meet spend their last moments at the farewell party. Manmeet transfers the factory to Meet to secure her future. He wants to repent his mistakes. He feels that he did wrong to those parents, who were finding their son in him. He tells that he married Meet to take revenge and he didn’t earn anything good by that mistake. He decides to fix everything in their lives. He decides to make a new start. He is shocked to witness an accident. He gets to see Papa ji and runs to him. Papa ji asks Manmeet to promise him that he will not tell anything to Meet until someone enters her life to support her. Manmeet promises to never leave Meet alone. Meet gets disheartened to leave Manmeet. She tells that she is leaving forever.

Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2023 Written Update Romance:

Nidhi gets her friend’s call. She tells that she got busy with the family’s responsibilities. Her friend asks how she handles such a big joint family. She questions her about the family members. Nidhi tells that she loves Karan. She adds that she can make everyone dance to her tune. She tells that her son Shaurya loves her more than his real mother. She has made him a puppet. She is glad that he loves her the most, he is in her hands, and nobody can tell her anything. She reveals how she has taken over the entire house by using Shaurya.

On the other side, Mahi hugs Palki and asks her how is she doing. Palki tells that she is good. Mahi tells that Palki will get rich soon. Palki tells that she isn’t a heart surgeon. She asks Mahi to keep the room clean. Mahi just wants money. Palki tells that money isn’t everything. Mahi asks her how many hearts did she break. Palki tells that she didn’t have any affair, and she can’t break their parents’ hope and heart by getting into an affair, after all, they are making many sacrifices for her studies. She feels upset. Mahi tells that she knows their mum and dad well, and also her. She asks her not to worry.

Palki gets emotional and cries. Mahi consoles her. She asks Palki not to worry. She doesn’t want to get sentimental. She blesses Palki to chill in her life. She asks her to make some friends. She calls Palki bossy and boring. She tells that Palki wants perfection in everything, she should get someone who is nervous and makes mistakes and who she corrects. Palki gets reminded of Rajveer. Mahi asks her if she has met someone. Palki tells that she met someone on the way, it was an accident, the bus was hanging to the cliff, the guy had much anger in his eyes, he should leave his medical profession because he can’t his patients when his mind isn’t at peace. Mahi asks her was he cute. Palki smiles.

Mahi tells that she should get that cute guy in her life. She teases Palki. Palki tells that she has to go to her work. They hug. Nidhi gets angry when Rakhi breaks a vase. She goes to scold Rakhi for breaking the expensive vase. She tells that she asked her not to do any work. She asks Bani to take care of her Bahu. She asks them to sit and gossip. She asks Girish to keep an eye on Rakhi. She punishes him for the broken vase. Rakhi tells that Girish is like their family member. She asks her not to punish him. Nidhi tells that she was just scaring him to keep her fear. Rakhi apologizes to her.

Bani doesn’t like Nidhi. Nidhi’s friend tells that she also wants such a family to vent out frustration and dominate them. Nidhi tells that she would need a man like Karan, who has lost his wife and his son needs a mother. She finds it a perfect sitting. Palki tells that she is going to her work. She gets pampered by her parents. Mahi tells that she has to go shopping. Daljeet asks him not to say anything to Mahi, who would become a big model and get fame for the family. Khurana asks her to respect the medical profession. Palki reaches the hospital. She tells that she is going to assist Dr. Avinash.

She meets her first patient, Preeta. She asks her if is she okay. Preeta tells that she is okay. She asks Palki about the medicines. Palki asks about her nephew. Preeta tells his name Rajveer. Palki thinks he is a doctor. Preeta tells that he is not a doctor, he is just Rajveer Arora, he wanted to clear it but Palki was talking a lot and didn’t let him speak. She adds that he is very caring. Palki apologizes for the confusion. Preeta finds her sweet. Rajveer sees Palki and doesn’t want to meet her. He hears Palki talking to a nurse. He doesn’t want to face her wrath.

He feels she scolds everyone all the time. He rushes to wear a doctor’s coat. He lies to her that he is going to check the patients. He puts up a drama in front of her. Palki feels guilty that it’s her mistake. She thinks to say sorry to him. She goes to apologize, but he doesn’t listen to her. He doesn’t want to get her scolded. They get into a funny moment. Rajveer asks Palki not to scold him. The lady praises Rajveer for being so nice and sincere. Palki tells that she knows the truth, Rajveer isn’t a doctor and Preeta told her everything.

Kundali Bhagya Epic Leap love story Rajveer Palki


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