Kundali Bhagya Epic Leap love story Rajveer Palki

Kundali Bhagya Epic Leap love story Rajveer Palki

Kundali Bhagya Epic Leap love story Rajveer Palki. Rajveer and Palki meet once again and get into a romantic moment. They both have fallen in love with each other. They get occupied with each other’s thoughts. They can’t stop thinking of their first meeting. There will be interesting twists in Pakhi and Rajveer’s love story because Shaurya will also fall in love with Palki. More of Palki’s family is seen in the track. Palki lives with her mom, dad, and sister Mahi. She gets much pampered by her dad, while her mom behaves strictly as if she is her stepmom. That twist will be revealed ahead. Palki shares a lovely bond with Mahi. She tells everything that happened on the way home. She reveals about meeting Rajveer and Shaurya. She gets a smile talking about Rajveer. Mahi guesses that Palki has developed a liking for Rajveer.



Meet has decided to leave the house. Manmeet tries to stop her from leaving. He holds her hand and realizes that she is suffering from a high fever. She faints in his arms. He realizes his love for her. He asks her if is she okay. He tells her that he will not let her go anywhere when she isn’t okay. He asks her to come with him, they will visit a doctor first. He tells that he will not allow her to go in his condition. She tells that she is okay and can manage. He doesn’t listen to her. Shagun gets upset that Manmeet got Meet back. She doesn’t listen to him. He tries hard to convince her. She leaves in anger.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2:

Prachi and Pihu arrange a house party to help Raghav. The entire family comes together and spends time. Raghav and Prachi also get to spend time like the old times. Pihu wants Prachi and Raghav to accept their love. She tries to unite them. She wants Prachi to know that she loves Raghav, not Josh. Prachi and Raghav feel odd when they are brought together. Prachi wants Lakhan and Raghav to sort out their issues. The family tries to open Prachi’s eyes to Josh. Pihu says that they can’t do anything without her help. Brinda says that they had united Ram and Priya too, and they are the best at uniting lovers. Pihu asks Brinda to give her some credit too. Sara says that Pihu made the impossible possible. LK and Monica join the party. LK finds Raghav a perfect match for Prachi. He realizes his mistake of not trusting Raghav before. Monica asks him to fix his mistakes for the sake of Prachi’s happiness.

Radha Mohan:

Bhushan gets angry at Gungun when she hits a stone at him, after knowing his evil character. He goes to beat her. Ketki comes in between and asks him not to dare touch, Gungun. She bashes Bhushan in front of the family. Bhushan pays for his sins. Police arrive home on Mohan’s call. Mohan files a complaint against Bhushan and gets him arrested. Mohan apologizes to Radha that he didn’t understand the troubles she is facing in his family. Radha consoles him. He tells Radha that she will get a wish fulfilled. Radha tells that she wants to celebrate Holi with the entire family. Mohan fulfills her wish. The entire family gets drunk by having the thandai. They dance madly. Mohan lifts Radha and takes her to their room, while Damini follows them. She is shocked to see Mohan getting close to Radha. Mohan goes ahead to kiss Radha.


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