Imlie 2nd April 2023 Upcoming Dhairya’s evil

Imlie 2nd April 2023 Upcoming Dhairya's evil

Imlie 2nd April 2023 Upcoming Dhairya’s evil Imlie and Dhairya rush Atharv to the hospital. Imlie learns that someone has donated blood to Atharv. She looks for the person to thank him. She follows Dhairya and stops him to thank him. She confirms if he is the one who donated blood to her husband. Dhairya leaves from there without coming into her sight. She praises the donor who has saved someone’s life without any selfish motive. She wishes the best for the donor. Dhairya doesn’t want Atharv to die, because he still has to settle the scores. He says that the game has just begun. Rana’s family reaches the hospital in a rush to help Imlie and Atharv.

Rudra learns that someone has already donated blood to Atharv. Later, Imlie consoles Maa and tells her that Atharv is absolutely fine. Maa blesses her for returning her son. She apologizes to her. Imlie asks her not to say sorry. She says that Maa should only bless her. She pacifies her. She tells that she is okay, and Atharv and Dhairya got saved. She thanks Maa for protecting them with her prayers. She makes Maa smile. Rudra learns that Dhairya was innocent in Mohan’s case. Manish tells that Dhairya wanted time to prove his innocence, so he kidnapped Imlie. He doesn’t want to leave Dhairya without a warning. Rudra tells that he doesn’t need anything, because his children have come back.


Kia taunts Imlie for spending a night with Dhairya. She tells that Dhairya has taken good care of Imlie and it’s evident because Imlie doesn’t seem like she had been kidnapped. Imlie is in tears, while the family is ashamed of Kia’s taunts. Atharv reaches the office to surprise Imlie with flowers and chocolates. He finds Imlie with Dhairya. She thanks Dhairya for getting sweets for her. Dhairya blames Atharv for snatching everything from him. He tells that he didn’t get what he deserved and now he will take Atharv away from his happiness. He wants to snatch Imlie from Atharv.


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