Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update Karan meets Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update Karan meets Rajveer

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Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update Karan meets Rajveer Rishabh and Karan comes to meet Rajveer. Rajveer talks to Palki and her dad. He teases Palki and she appears upset. Her dad tells her that she is really strong. Rajveer shares a laugh. They look for Rajveer. Mahi asks Palki if she was with Rajveer at night. She questions Palki and angers her. She asks what happened between Palki and Rajveer. Palki asks her what nonsense is she saying. She doesn’t want Mahi to derive any wrong meaning. She tells that she has already told her about meeting Preeta and Rajveer at night to help them. Mahi wants to know if Palki likes Rajveer.

Palki tells that she has no liking for Rajveer as Mahi is thinking. Their mom overhears their conversation and grows curious to know about Rajveer. Rishabh and Karan reach close to Rajveer when they find him talking to his neighbors. They don’t recognize him. Rajveer knows Karan by his face and name. Will Rajveer recognize his father and what will be his reaction on meeting his father for the very first time? Will they meet or will it be a hit-and-miss again? Will Rishabh be able to convince Rajveer to withdraw the case filed against Shaurya? Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2023.

Radha Mohan:

Damini gets worried and runs from the office. Tulsi gets furious and attacks Damini. Damini wonders why didn’t the vase hit her if Tulsi has attacked her. She wonders what’s special in the room where the vase stopped at the door. Tulsi doesn’t want Damini to save Radha. Tulsi had saved Radha from Damini’s attack. She tells that Damini can’t harm Radha until she is here. Radha saves Damini when Tulsi attacks the latter. Radha senses Tulsi’s presence. Radha gets hurt while saving Damini. Mohan gets tense about Radha. He wants her to manage everything. He grows worried. He wishes that Radha is tackling Damini. Gungun suggests that they call Radha and find out if she is safe. Mohan feels Radha is in danger.

Radha and Damini also wonder why did the vase stop at the door. Radha asks Tulsi to give her a sign if she is there. Tulsi hints at her. She explains to Radha that there is something inside the cabin and she can’t go there. Radha wonders what is stopping Tulsi from going inside. She tells that the secret she is finding would be hidden inside the room. Tulsi tries to convey the same thing to Radha. Mohan tells that he can’t lose Radha as he had lost Tulsi.

He wants to know if Radha has gone to the office to find out about Tulsi. Gungun asks him to plan a surprise for Radha because it’s their turn to show their love and care. He likes the idea. He asks what will they do. She tells that they will plan something that she misses in her life. Mohan decides to keep Radha away from the office. Damini realizes that Radha is doubting the secret of Tulsi’s death.

Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2023 Written Update Karan meets Rajveer:

Rajveer fixes the scooter. Khurana tells that he will take the scooter to the garage. Rajveer asks him to start the scooter once and check. Khurana checks and the scooter starts. Palki gets happy. Khurana scolds his nephew. He tells that he didn’t fix the scooter. Mohit tells that he will take the scooter and check if it’s working well. He goes away, troubling Khurana. Palki laughs. Rajveer smiles seeing her. Khurana tells that he will beat Mohit this time. Rajveer tells that he will go now. Khurana asks him to have a cup of tea. He is glad that Rajveer has much knowledge about scooter parts. He tells that Palki didn’t get a scooter for herself. His wife asks him to come and help her with work.

Palki tells that she will help her. Rajveer asks if can she manage. Khurana tells that she is really strong. Karan and Rishabh reach there and look for Rajveer. Rajveer is right in front of them, but they don’t know him. Rishabh asks about Rajveer’s address. Rajveer offers help to Palki’s mom Daljeet. He tells that he can help her in setting the sofas. Khurana introduces Rajveer to her. Rajveer goes with her. Karan and Rishabh miss out on Rajveer. Mahi gets mad seeing Rajveer’s handsome looks. She asks him who is he. Khurana tells that Rajveer is their new neighbor. Mahi tells that Palki told her about him, but didn’t say that he looks so handsome. Rajveer gets too many tasks at once. Khurana helps him. They both do the work. Palki asks Mahi to move aside and give them a way. Mahi likes Rajveer. Palki also helps Rajveer. They have a moment. Mahi gets between them.

Mahi seems to have a serious crush. She can’t take her eyes off Rajveer. She smiles seeing him. Rajveer feels shy and goes away. Mahi asks Palki if she had gone to meet Rajveer at night. Palki asks her to stop the nonsense. Preeta helps Gurpreet. She tells that she will iron the clothes. Karan and Rishabh reach the house and ring the bell. Rishabh asks Karan to relax and give time to the person to open the door. Mahi asks Palki what happened between Rajveer and her. Palki asks her did she lose her mind. Daljeet overhears them and asks Palki not to scold Mahi. She asks them not to fight.

She goes to the neighbor to borrow some sugar. Mahi tells that Daljeet doesn’t love Palki. Palki tells that Daljeet loves her and her love is in her scolding, she loves Mahi more because Mahi is the younger one. Palki tells Mahi about Rajveer’s visit to the police station at night. Mahi asks if is he a bad boy. She doesn’t want Palki to like Rajveer. Palki asks her not to judge anyone without knowing the matter. Daljeet gets the sugar. Khurana tells that he has done all the work. He asks Daljeet to make a cup of tea for him. She asks him to fix the water tap. Rajveer offers help once again. He tells that he knows how to fix a water tap. He surprises them and proves that he is multi-talented.

Khurana tells that he will go and get a newspaper to read. Daljeet asks Rajveer to come and fix the tap. Palki and Rajveer have an eye lock. Mahi observes them. She takes Palki to the room and asks him if Rajveer is a bad boy. Palki tells that he isn’t a bad person, he had gone to the police station to punish the person responsible for the bus accident. Mahi understands that he is a great guy. She asks her if she likes him because he is smart, handsome, and cute. Palki tells that she wants to make her career and not focus on anyone. Mahi tells that she likes Rajveer a lot. Palki asks what she means. Mahi tells that she really likes Rajveer. Palki tells that Rajveer has nothing good in him.

Mahi tells that he isn’t so bad. She rushes for her audition. She sees a big car in the lane and wonders who is Richie rich. She takes a selfie with the car. Karan and Rishabh meet Gurpreet and ask about her son. They tell that they want to meet her son. She asks them to sit. She goes to make tea for them. She thinks they are from a business company who have come to interview Mohit. Rishabh asks Karan to keep his cool when he meets Rajveer. Karan tells that Rajveer didn’t do anything wrong. Rakhi calls Rishabh. He misses the call. He gets a client’s call and goes to speak. Karan gets seated there. Preeta’s dupatta flies over his face. He gets reminded of her. Preeta also senses a strange feeling. Karan walks towards her room. She looks at the door. Will they meet? Stay tuned.

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