1 Epic Promo of Anupama New Track goes viral

1 Epic Promo of Anupama New Track goes viral

1 Epic Promo of Anupama New Track goes viral Dheeraj tries hard to convince Anuj to return home for Anupama’s sake. He tells that he has promised Anupama. Anupama sinks in Anuj’s memories. His absence breaks her down. Dheeraj asks Anuj not to die in sorrow, by leaving Anupama to die. He pleads to ask Anuj to leave the unnecessary anger. Anuj refuses to return home. Dheeraj wants him to stop being stubborn. He finds Anuj getting hopeless. He messages Devika that Anuj isn’t willing to return home. Dheeraj falls asleep at night. Anuj ends his wait by leaving from there. He leaves a message for Dheeraj. He asks him to take care of Devika and Anupama. He tells that he will never return home. Devika wakes up and finds Anupama missing. She goes to look for her.

She informs Dheeraj that Anupama left the house. He tells that even Anuj went missing. He informs Ankush that he will seek help from the police to find Anuj and Anupama. The family gets afraid that Anupama has left the house in a shattered condition. Barkha isn’t affected by their leaving. She decides to take over the Kapadia empire in Anuj and Anupama’s absence. Pakhi tells that her parents are away, they aren’t dead and Barkha is showing her true colors. She asks Barkha how can she take Anupama’s place. She lectures Barkha. She tells Adhik what Barkha is planning. Barkha tells that it’s Ankush and her responsibility to handle the business because Anuj has counted on them. Adhik asks her to show some humanity.


Anuj and Anupama appear like punishing themselves for not being able to save their relationship. Anupama is in much pain that Anuj has abandoned her. They both reach the same temple. Anupama makes a prayer for Anuj’s safety and happiness. She wishes he comes back to her. She doesn’t see Anuj there. Vanraj reaches Anupama and finds her battling the toughest phase of her life. He makes her realize that Anuj isn’t a perfect husband, and was just playing with her emotions. He adds that she never meant anything to Anuj, so her marriage didn’t last even for a year. Anupama breaks down.

Anupama leaves Anuj’s house after she is left lonely. She had made the house a home with the beautiful memories of Anuj and Anu. She tells that both Anuj and Anu left her. She walks on the road and doesn’t understand which way to go. She doesn’t want anyone’s support. She just has memories of Anuj and Anu with her. She doesn’t think she will be able to cross the journey alone or not. She prays to Kanha ji. She gets support from someone she didn’t expect at all. Someone reaches Anupama and holds her. While it rains, the person gets an umbrella for Anupama to shelter her. Anupama emotionally cries seeing Leela. Leela sympathizes with Anupama. Will Anupama return to Shah’s house? The talks about the person seen in the promo are going viral. While some guess it’s Leela and others guess it’s Anupama’s relative from the past, what do you think? Keep reading and watch the promo below.


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