GHKPM 10th April 2023 Written Update Sai answers Pakhi

GHKPM 10th April 2023 Written Update Sai answers Pakhi

GHKPM 10th April 2023 Written Update Sai answers Pakhi. Pakhi confronts Sai about Virat’s proposal. She tells that Sai used to call her a second woman in Virat’s life, Sai was his wife before and now she has become a second woman. She asks Sai how she feels to become a second woman and a family breaker. She tells that Sai is at her place today. She insults Sai. She asks Sai if she hates herself right now. She wants to know Sai’s answer to Virat’s proposal. She tells that she was connected on call and overheard everything. She regrets that Virat has confessed love to Sai. She is in pain. She tells that Virat is very happy. On the other hand, Satya tells Prabha that he loves someone else and he can’t marry her. She tells that she likes him and his family a lot.

She adds that they will fall in love with time. Satya doesn’t agree. Sai tells Pakhi that she didn’t give any reply to Virat till now. She asks Pakhi not to suspect her. She tells that she can never step in Pakhi’s place. She asks Pakhi not to jump to any conclusion. Pakhi asks why didn’t she say no to Virat. She wants to know if Sai is going to reject the proposal. She wants an answer. Sai asks her to stop pressurizing her. She apologizes to her and tells her that she can understand her pain. She tells that Virat is responsible for the proposal. She doesn’t want any blame. Pakhi asks Sai to just refuse Virat. Sai tells that she doesn’t want to win Virat. They both get into an argument.


She tells that Virat had confessed love to her many times, but she didn’t give in. She doesn’t want to get back to Virat. She assures Pakhi that she will not accept Virat’s proposal. She gives her reply, that it’s a no to his proposal and she isn’t a second woman in his life. Pakhi gets glad to know her answer. Sai tells that she can never snatch someone’s husband. Pakhi is thankful to Sai for sticking to her principles. Sai tells that she will never break her son’s happy family. She doesn’t want Pakhi to go to Vinayak and complain about her.

On the other hand, Amba gets furious at Satya for upsetting Prabha and refusing marriage. Satya doesn’t want to get married. She tells that she wants him to live a happy life. He tells that he will regret his decision if he agrees to marry. He feels he has a right to his life. She tells him that she is going away and he can stay alone. His family doesn’t support him. He asks them not to leave him alone. Amba tells that she will do what she wants. He asks her to stop the emotional blackmail. They ask him to live his life as he wants. He rushes to stop them.

Amba asks him to get married soon, or else they will leave him alone. Satya is given an ultimatum. He tells that he can’t find a girl so soon and marry anyone. His answer is still no. His family leaves him. Satya tells that he can’t leave alone without them. He runs after the car and stops them. He tells that his family won’t go anywhere. He hugs Amba and cries. He begs them not to leave him alone. He gets emotional and tells them that he will die if they leave him and go away. He agrees to Amba’s condition. Amba asks him to find a girl in the next 24 hours and fix his marriage. Satya wonders how will he convince his family. Sai comes up with her decision. Will she break Virat’s heart? Keep reading.

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