1 superb twist in Anupama rocks the ratings

1 superb twist in Anupama rocks the ratings

1 superb twist in Anupama rocks the ratings. Anupama learns to self-build herself after she faces a shattering moment. She wants to make a career. Kanta advises her to win after getting defeated. Anupama doesn’t want anything to stop her. Anupama gets help from her family and decides to move on. Anupama restarts her career at her dance academy. She gets a wonderful surprise from her children. Vanraj wants to get back Anupama. He reaches the dance academy and finds Anupama happily spending time with their children. He clicks their joyful picture. He tries to befriend Anupama and wishes to get her back in his life.

He decides to replace Kavya with Anupama. He fakes an apology to Anupama. He lies that he understands relationships now. He feels his family needs Anupama and even he needs her. He now values her and gets happy that Anuj has abandoned her. He thinks he can take Anuj’s place in her life. He tells that he wants to become her best friend so that she can depend on him. Anupama rejects his friendship and reasons that she doesn’t believe him. She tells that he can’t keep his word and stay on a single stand, he always changes his colors and it’s not surprising for her to guess what he will do next.


He assures that he will never cross the limits of friendship. He adds that he is ready to bear any punishment she decides. She tells that she will accept his apology and try out his friendship’s repeat telecast if he wants. She doesn’t think Vanraj can ever change. Vanraj heads to meet Anuj and inform him that Anupama is now free to come back to him. Vanraj plays an important role in Anuj and Anupama’s story. He makes it evident that he wants Anupama back in his life. He asks Anuj to leave Anupama forever. Anuj is taken aback by realizing Vanraj’s vicious motives.

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