GHKPM Sai rejects Virat 13th April 2023 Written Update

GHKPM Sai rejects Virat 13th April 2023 Written Update

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GHKPM Sai rejects Virat 13th April 2023 Written Update. Sai tries to convince Savi that they will go and stay with Aaji. Savi asks her to marry Virat and become his wife, then they will stay together. Sai tells that it can’t happen because Virat is already married. She hugs Savi and asks her to come along. Satya shares his tension with the nurse. He tells that his thinking and motive for the marriage should match with the girl’s thinking and motive. The nurse asks what motive is he talking about. He tells that he didn’t get what he wanted. He fails in finding the right girl for marriage. He worries that he can’t find a girl by 24 hours deadline. Vinayak finds Sai packing the bags. He asks her if is she going somewhere. Savi tells that they are going to stay with Aaji, and they won’t come back.

Vinayak asks if will they go forever. Sai asks him to take care of the family. Savi tells that they will meet every day. Vinayak asks Sai if she is upset with him that she is leaving the house. Sai tells that she isn’t upset with him. He asks if she is upset with Pakhi. She says no. He tells that Sai is his guardian angel and they can stay together. He asks not to leave. Sai gets emotional and hugs him. She tells that she has decided to leave. Bhavani watches them and is shocked to know that Sai is leaving. She thought Sai and Virat will unite. She can’t see Sai leaving Virat. She tells that she has to stop Sai.

She calls Virat and asks him if he spoke to Sai. He says yes. She asks what Sai replied to him. She tells that Sai and Savi were speaking to Vinayak about their leaving. She asks him to come home immediately. She informs that Sai is leaving the house and only he can stop her. Virat doesn’t want Sai to do this. He drives home to stop Sai. Bhavani asks Sai not to take a wrong decision or else she will regret it all her life. The family learns about Sai’s leaving. Bhavani asks them to stop Sai. They ask the matter that she has taken this sudden decision. Virat tells that he won’t let Sai and Savi go away from him.

Sai tells them that she is going away so that nothing wrong happens to them. Pakhi is relieved to know about Sai’s decision. Sai tells that she didn’t come to stay forever, she was just a guest and she has to leave now. She is glad that she has ended the fear and hatred in Vinayak’s heart, and now her goal is fulfilled. Bhavani asks her not to leave. Sai tells that she has decided by thinking a lot. Virat comes home and calls her decision a sign of foolishness. He shuts the door. He tells that he will not let Sai go anywhere. He gets desperate and puts effort into stopping Sai. Sai asks him not to repeat his words.

Virat tells that they will make a new start. He takes Sai with him. Pakhi grows worried. He tells that she can decide once he explains his stand. He takes her to his room. She asks him by what right did he hold his hand. She shouts that she isn’t his wife. He shows her the divorce papers he had signed. He tells that he doesn’t want to stay with Pakhi. He adds that his divorce decision is final. He explains that she isn’t breaking anyone’s family. She asks if Pakhi knows this. He tells that Pakhi doesn’t know about the divorce yet. He explains that Pakhi and he doesn’t have any marital relationship.

Sai asks him if he has made marriage a joke. He tells that he couldn’t forget her ever. He confesses his forever love to her. He tells that Pakhi can never take her place in his life. He wants to end his namesake marriage and free Pakhi. He begs her to accept him. Ashwini gets angry about Virat’s misbehavior which is breaking Pakhi’s heart. Bhavani asks her to let Virat talk to his children’s mother. She tells that Virat has a right, to tell the truth to Sai. She doesn’t think they have a right to stop him. Pakhi tells that she has a right to ask Virat. She loses her cool. Sai tells Virat that he would have not divorced Pakhi if she didn’t come back into his life. She doesn’t want to become a reason for his divorce.

She tells that Vinayak’s family will break, Virat and Pakhi are Vinayak’s parents and Vinayak needs both of them. She doesn’t want to snatch Pakhi’s husband. Virat shatters when she doesn’t listen to him. Sai tells that she doesn’t want to become a reason for his divorce decision. He tells that he was almost dead when she wasn’t there, but he started living when she came back into his life. He asks her to understand that they should be together as it’s destined. She explains that he is ruining many lives by divorcing Pakhi. She stays firm on her stand that she won’t become a reason for his divorce. Virat asks her not to leave. Sai refuses his proposal.

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