Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2023 Written Update Prachi in peril

Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2023 Written Update Prachi in peril

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2023 Written Update Prachi in peril Veera doubts Prachi that she is sent by the police on Balbeer’s complaint. He tells that Balbeer is doing this and he is employing women for his plan. He regrets that Balbeer is his stepbrother, who doesn’t even deserve his enmity. Prachi tells that Veera is misunderstanding him. He asks her to shut up. Laali defends Prachi. She asks how can’t they speak when he is blaming them. Veera angrily slaps Laali. Prachi asks him what did he do and how did he slap Laali. She shouts at him. Veera points the gun at Prachi and Laali. Prachi is shocked to see the gun. How will Prachi get saved from Veera’s madness? Will Ranbir come to her rescue? Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2023.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Samrat meets Nayantara at the flower store. She asks him what is he doing here. He tells that he was passing by and saw her there. She tries to find out who is her well-wisher, who had sent flowers to her. Samrat asks the man to not reveal his details to her. The man apologizes to her and tells her that the payment was made online so he has no details. She gets upset. Samrat gives her a flower and makes her smile. She tells that the person who sent flowers to her knows a lot about her, so she wants to find him out. He tells that he can help her. She asks why he wants to help her. He tells her that he is her friend and he will help her. She thanks him for sorting out the problem. She accepts the rose from him. They have a romantic moment.

Pandya Store:

The Pandya family surprised Dhara by arranging an amazing party for her. Krish, Dev, Shiva, and Gautam try to please Dhara. Rishita, Prerna, and Raavi also shower their love on Dhara. But, Dhara shows no emotions for anyone now. Shivank manipulates Dhara and tells her that all of her relationships are shallow, and nobody loves her and cares for her. Dhara falls into his words. The family tries to cheer up Dhara. Shweta also attends the party on Natasha’s word. Dev and Rishita are grateful to Dhara for donating her kidney to Natasha.

They try hard to make Dhara happy. Dhara is upset. She asks them to stop their drama. She is hurt that nobody has visited her at the hospital. Shweta spikes Krish’s drink. She wants to gather proof to show Krish and her intimacy so that she can tell the court they are still husband and wife legally. Shivank helps Shweta with her evil plan. Rishita worries seeing Dhara turning emotionless towards them.

Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2023 Written Update Prachi in peril:

Akshay meets Ashok for an important talk. He tells her that Ashok doesn’t know a secret. He informs that he met Rhea, who doesn’t know about Prachi’s refusal. He hopes that Prachi is considering his proposal. Ashok asks him to forget it and give her some time. Akshay tells that Prachi might like him and want to give him a chance because she didn’t tell her decision to Rhea till now. Ashok says that he is happy for his son. Akshay says that he will meet him later. He calls Dadi to talk to her. Dadi and Sahana don’t get to hear his voice.

Sahana tells that they are outside in a market. Akshay asks her if Prachi left for the office. He tells that Prachi didn’t come to the office till now and her phone is not reachable. He wants to know if Prachi is okay. Sahana tells him that Prachi has gone to meet Khushi. He thanks her. Sahana tells Dadi that she lied to Akshay because he was much worried for Prachi. On the other hand, Rhea meets Dida. She asks Dida what is she doing. Dida tells that she was cleaning Ranbir’s room. Rhea tells that she will do all the work. She asks Dida to go and take a rest. Dida tells that he wants to tell her something.

She explains her move of announcing Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage when she got angry seeing Akshay proposing to Prachi. She tells that Ranbir didn’t ask her to make that announcement and he didn’t even know about it. She apologizes to Rhea. She asks her not to get upset with Ranbir. Rhea agrees. She feels guilty for misunderstanding Ranbir and scolding him so much. She takes Ranbir’s photo and apologizes to him. She thinks to call him up. She calls Ranbir and apologizes to him. He asks why is she saying sorry when he jumped the signal. She asks him why did he do this, it’s wrong and risky. He tells that Khushi got kidnapped and he is going to save her. She is shocked to know this.

She asks him to call the police. She asks how did this happen. He tells that he had met Khushi in the morning, and gave his spare phone to her, someone kidnapped her and he tracked her with the help of the phone. He wants to reach the haveli and find out about Khushi. She tells that she can help him with the location. She asks him to pick her. He agrees. Akshay wants Prachi to know that he is going mad for her. He calls her and hopes he answers the call this time. Prachi remembers Khushi and cries. She takes Akshay’s call. He tells that her phone was not reachable and he was worried. She tells about the network issue.

He asks why is she sounding worried. She informs him about Khushi’s kidnapping. She tells that she is going to find Khushi, Balbeer has kidnapped Khushi and she is going to find him by taking help from Balbeer’s brother and Laali. He asks how can she be so careless, and that she should have called him for help. She tells that she didn’t even call Ranbir till now. He asks why would she call Ranbir for help. He tells that Ranbir loves Khushi and knows Balbeer also. He asks Prachi to meet him and he will assist her in finding Khushi. She gets Inspector’s call. Inspector tells that they will find the kidnappers soon.

She thanks him. Veera suspects her when he hears her talking to the police. Dida and Badi Dadi tell Pallavi that they will soon keep Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Pallavi tells that they will talk to Ranbir. Dida tells that the marriage has to happen. Pallavi agrees to her decision. She wishes Ranbir gets happy in his life. Badi Dadi tells that Prachi and Akshay’s marriage will also happen. Akshay and Rhea wait for Ranbir and Prachi at the same place. Rhea meets Akshay and asks why is he stressed out. She tells that she is waiting for Ranbir. He tells that he is worried for Prachi, who has gone to find Khushi. Rhea tells that even Ranbir is looking for Khushi.

He tells that they both will go to the haveli and save Khushi. He adds that Ranbir and Prachi don’t know that they want the same thing, they want to find Khushi. Rhea swears to go away from Ranbir and Prachi’s lives if they both want to unite. She doesn’t want to become the old bad Rhea. Veera asks Prachi to get down the car. He scolds her for talking to the police. He asks her if is she laying a trap for him. Prachi tries to clear his misunderstanding. He angrily slaps Laali. He points the gun at them. He threatens of killing them and ending their game. Prachi and Laali get tense. He rebukes them for cheating him. He asks his friend to tie them up.

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