Anupama 16th April 2023 Written Update Samar rebels

Anupama 16th April 2023 Written Update Samar rebels

Anupama 16th April 2023 Written Update Samar rebels Vanraj tells Leela that he has to focus on his conference call which is important for his big project. He doesn’t want any drama. Leela asks him to decide about Samar’s marriage and end this matter. Samar laughs hearing Vanraj’s words. He tells that his life isn’t a drama. Barkha belittles Anupama after seeing Kanta’s house. She asks Anupama to say something. Anupama gets water for the servants. She tells that she will get tea. The servant tells them that they will have tea when she returns home. Samar opposes Vanraj. Vanraj feels provoked. He asks Samar to speak up about what’s in his heart. The family worries about seeing their clash. Pakhi tells that Samar will get bashed up today. Samar tells that he will say his decision now. Vanraj asks him what is it.

Barkha asks Anupama to cross-check everything. She asks her to take everything back. She tells that the belongings don’t matter to her. Barkha asks her not to show greatness because she has nothing with her now. Kanta asks her to get everything from Kapadia mansion if she worries for Anupama so much. Bhavesh jokes that they will shift to the Kapadia mansion. Kanta insults Barkha in response. Barkha tells that she has come to return the belongings on Anuj’s word. Vanraj wants to know what Samar has to say. Samar tells that he can give his life for his family, knowing they will not do anything for him. He tells that he grew up hearing criticism from the family. He adds that only Anupama appreciated him. Vanraj gets emotional.


Samar tells that he always stood for the family, but when it’s his choice, then everyone has issues. He tells them that he has done a lot for the family. He counts his favors. He tells that Vanraj, Kavya, and Paritosh had no job at some phase in their lives. He adds that he had taken extra classes to support the family. He expects Kinjal to support him. Kinjal tells that they know his hardships. Samar asks why didn’t she take a stand for him. He questions Leela if he is so bad that nobody wants to take responsibility for him. Anupama asks Barkha to take the belongings back. Barkha refuses and tells that Anuj has decided this. She calls Anupama an emotional fool. She tells that Anupama never fails to disappoint her.

She asks Anupama to speak to Anuj if she doesn’t believe her. She doesn’t want any blame on her. Samar tells that everyone shouts to tell their problems, but nobody gets to listen to his problem. He asks Vanraj if he can’t marry by his choice and don’t his emotions matter to them. He doesn’t think he has any value in the house. Vanraj tells that they love him and that’s the reason they are stopping him from this marriage. He adds that they have seen many relationships breaking, and they can’t see another marriage breaking. He advises Samar to decide wisely. He tells that once Samar gets married, Dimpy won’t be the same.

He adds that he has failed in both of his marriages. He asks Samar to look at Paritosh, Pakhi, and Anupama’s marriages. He tells that Anupama and Anuj got separated in a year when they loved each other so much. He doesn’t want to see Samar worried and sorrowful. He explains Samar with love. Samar doesn’t understand him. He questions if they are his family when they can’t support him. On the other side, Anu insists Anuj call up Anupama and make her talk. Vanraj asks Samar did he forget relationships and values for the sake of love. Samar calls his words funny. He tells that Vanraj is talking about values today just to change his mind.

He loses his temper. He shouts at Vanraj and disappoints him. Hasmukh asks Samar to calm down. Samar tells that he doesn’t want to become a good son because he is tired of being good. He tells them that everybody had a problem at Nandini’s time and now at Dimpy’s time as well. He apologizes to Hasmukh. He decides to leave the house. Later, Anuj and Anupama plan their trip to Ahmedabad. Maya and Vanraj get worried that Anuj and Anupama would meet and sort out their issues. They don’t want the couple to reconcile.

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