3 Unseen twists in Anupama YRKKH Pandya Store

3 Unseen twists in Anupama YRKKH Pandya Store

3 Unseen twists in Anupama YRKKH Pandya Store. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Kairav learns the truth from Muskaan that Abhimanyu is Abhir’s real father. He can’t believe that Abhir is Abhimanyu’s son. He is shaken up by this truth. Muskaan asks him to keep this truth to himself. Kairav finds Abhinav’s love for Abhir really selfless and respects him even more. Abhinav watches Abhimanyu keep his promise and look after Abhir well. Aarohi also happens to see them from afar and tells that Abhimanyu has a lovely bond with Abhir. Abhinav cries happily and hopes that Abhimanyu will give him a new life to Abhir.

Abhimanyu finds some sparks arising in the monitoring machines. He leans over Abhir and protects him. Abhimanyu rushes Abhir out of the ward. Akshara learns about the incident and gets worried for her son. Abhinav rushes to get water. Abhimanyu tells that he will check on Abhir and not let anything happen to him. She catches his collar and accuses him of negligence. She asks him to stay away because he has broken every promise. She asks what would he do if anything happened to Abhir, and if Abhir was his own son. Akshara’s question shakes him up.



Anupama asks Barkha to take back her belongings to the Kapadia house. She refuses to accept it until she hears the decision from Anuj. Barkha tells her that Anuj has sent it to her and she can call him to ask if she has any doubts. Anupama can’t believe that Anuj can tell anything such to Barkha. Barkha is confident that Anuj will not deny his words. She manipulates Anuj with the help of Maya to break Anupama’s faith in Anuj. Samar takes a chair to sit and announce his decision in Vanraj’s style. Vanraj takes another chair and sits in front of him. He asks Samar to speak up.

Samar tells that if he is so bad that nobody wants to take responsibility, then he is leaving the house. Vanraj is taken aback by his decision. He is against Samar and Dimpy’s marriage. He asks Samar to leave if he wants to. Barkha asks Anupama to speak to Anuj and tell him if she wants to keep the belongings or not. What will be Anuj’s reply to Anupama’s query? Keep reading.

Pandya Store:

Shweta has big plans to ruin the Pandyas celebrations. Dhara doesn’t get pleased by seeing the family’s efforts. Prerna and Rishita plan to throw out Shweta from the house by exposing her. Prerna tells that Shweta has abandoned her own son Chiku for the sake of money and gave him to Dhara. Shweta gets provoked to admit the truth. Chiku overhears this and is in shock. Shweta tells that she had no attachment to Chiku, she didn’t love him and so she gave him to Dhara. She adds that she had taken Natasha with her just to take her revenge on Dhara. This truth gets overheard by Natasha, who can’t believe Shweta’s truth. Chiku tells Dhara that Shweta told the truth to Prerna. He adds that Dhara isn’t his mother and even Shweta isn’t his mother for the fact that she abandoned him. He gets disheartened. Dhara and Gautam get worried.


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