Kundali Bhagya 17th April 2023 Written Update Rajveer's first step

Kundali Bhagya 17th April 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s first step

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Kundali Bhagya 17th April 2023 Written Update Aarohi’s car breaks down. She calls a mechanic and informs him of the problem. Nidhi doesn’t want Rakhi to see her. She says that if Rakhi sees her, then she would need to lie to her. She thinks of her lie to Rakhi, that she is going to Bangalore to get help for Shaurya. Aarohi tells Nidhi that the mechanic is coming. Nidhi waits for the mechanic. Preeta is helpless to her kind nature. She goes to help an old woman fallen on the road when the signal goes green. Preeta assists the woman. Nidhi can’t believe her eyes when she sees Preeta in front of her.

Rajveer is joining the rival company of the Luthras. He is determined to bag a job. He finds many applicants for the single job vacancy and fools them into sending them away. He says that he has already bagged the job with the help of his dad’s recommendation. He tells that he will not let anyone snatch his opportunity because he has to set his foot on the ground and take his revenge on Karan. Rajveer gives the interview and impresses the panel. He tells that he has much passion and he wants to take the company ahead of the Luthra company. Rajveer bags the job. The HR panel asks him to join the job soon.

Rajveer thanks them. He returns home with the good news of his job. He says that he has got the job. Preeta tells that she was confident of Rajveer’s success. She praises his dedication and passion. Gurpreet and Mohit also congratulate Rajveer. They want Rajveer to achieve much success. Rajveer impresses one and all with his talent, hard work, confidence, and smartness. Rajveer wants to give tough competition to Karan and takes the first step toward his goal. How will Preeta help out Shaurya? Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya 17th April 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 17th April 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s first step:

Nidhi gets to see Preeta in front of her car. She finds Preeta helping an old lady. She rushes to confirm if she has seen Preeta or someone else. Her sight gets blocked by a goods cart. Preeta disappears till the way gets cleared. Nidhi finds someone else there, wearing a similar dress to Preeta. She thinks she was wrong. Preeta apologizes to the auto driver and leaves. Nidhi goes back to the car. Aarohi asks her why was she shocked as if she has seen a ghost. Nidhi tells that she has seen some ghosts, if Preeta was there for real, then the devil in her would have got awakened. She wonders how did she see Preeta.

She thinks if Preeta comes back, then what will happen? Rajveer meets the interviewer. He presents his certificates. He impresses Mr. Thakur. He tells that he knows a lot about him. He pleases Thakur with this smart talk. Rajveer tells that Thakur is trying to sell the company to Junejas. He adds that he is the best for the company and he can save the company from losses. He asks him not to sell the company because of fear of Luthra Industries, the company still has potential and he wants to take it to big heights, much ahead of Luthra Industries. He tells that he has passion in him to succeed.

Thakur asks Rajveer to join the company. Rajveer thanks them. Sanju asks Shaurya how can he think wrong about his friends. He tells that he loves Shaurya as his brother and always supported him. Shaurya apologizes and admits his mistake. He tells that Sanju is his best friend. Sanju tells that he isn’t with Shaurya for his money. Shaurya asks him to close the topic. He doesn’t want Sanju to get emotional like girls. He wonders when they will get free from jail. Rajveer tells that Luthras have snatched everything from Preeta and now it’s his turn to snatch everything from them. Mohit meets him.

Rajveer asks if didn’t he go for his job interview. Mohit congratulates him on the job. He tells that he should have touched Karan’s feet and got blessings to succeed. Rajveer tells that he didn’t get the job with his blessing. Mohit tells that he knew Rajveer is talented and that he will get the job at any cost. They leave for home to give the good news to Preeta and Gurpreet. Rakhi scolds Mahesh a lot. Karan reaches there. Mahesh asks Karan to handle Rakhi. Rakhi calls him careless. They have a funny argument.

Rakhi tells Karan that she had gone to the police station and the inspector lied to her about Shaurya. She asks how can the inspector dare to lie to Karan Luthra’s mother. Mahesh tells that Rakhi wants to file a complaint against the inspector. Rakhi thinks that the police trouble ordinary people more. She wants them to value people’s emotions. Karan asks her to calm down. He tells her that he will help her meet Shaurya. He calls Nidhi and asks if did she do anything. She tells that she is trying to get help from the lawyer. Karan asks Rakhi to wait, while he talks to Nidhi. Rakhi disconnects the call. She understands Karan can’t do anything. She asks Karan and Mahesh to leave her room.

Karan goes to attend the meeting. Mahesh tells that he won’t leave the room and go. Rakhi ousts him and shuts the door. Nidhi doesn’t know how to get Shaurya out of jail. She asks Aarohi to make a drink for her. Daljeet praises Mahi’s beauty and asks her to participate in the Miss World competition. Mahi falls. Palki holds her in time and saves her. Daljeet tells Khurana that Mahi was practicing catwalk. She motivates Mahi. She tells Khurana that Mahi will bring a beauty queen. Palki asks Mahi to take care of her. Daljeet asks her to go to Gurpreet’s house and get some sugar. Khurana tells that Mahi will get it. Daljeet argues and asks him not to disturb Mahi. Palki tells that she will go and get it. Preeta comes home. Gurpreet enquires about Shaurya.

Preeta tells that she couldn’t help Shaurya as the matter has gone to court. Palki meets them. She borrows some sugar. Gurpreet asks her to go and get it from the kitchen. Rajveer and Mohit come home. They give the good news about Rajveer’s job. Preeta, Gurpreet, and Palki congratulate Rajveer. Mohit asks them to have sweets. Rajveer gives sweets to everyone. Preeta blesses Rajveer. Mohit tells that his bike is lucky for Rajveer. Gurpreet asks Palki to take sweets for her family. Palki leaves. Preeta thinks it’s good Rajveer is going ahead in his career. She worries about Shaurya’s career. Rajveer thinks he got success because of Preeta’s blessing. He wants revenge on Karan and Shaurya.

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