2 heartbreaks in GHKPM 21st April 2023 Written Update

2 heartbreaks in GHKPM 21st April 2023 Written Update

2 heartbreaks in GHKPM 21st April 2023 Written Update. Ashwini gets angered by Virat for failing her trust. Virat asks her to try to understand him. She can’t let him break his family. She calls him selfish. She asks him to remember that he has two children. She tells that his public confession has brought disgrace to the family. She ends ties with Virat. Bhavani asks her to understand Virat. Ashwini blames Bhavani for encouraging Virat to unite with Sai. Ninad tells Virat that he has lost his dad as well. Virat gets upset after losing their faith. Bhavani asks him to stop worrying. Pakhi gets to see Virat and Sai’s love confession video. Virat meets her and makes an apology. He tells that he didn’t hurt her intentionally.

She tells that she couldn’t understand why he had confessed love to Sai. She taunts that he is doing this for Vinayak’s sake. She calls him a great man. He tells that his decision is right for her as well. He explains that she always used to wait for him, but he couldn’t keep any promise to her, he couldn’t forget Sai and move on with Pakhi. He wants to end her wait because he can never return to her. He asks her to know that he had failed in his efforts. He tells that he wishes he could have given her something she deserves, but he doesn’t love her, and he loves only Sai.


He explains that he has ruined Pakhi’s life by giving her sorrow. He feels sorry. He thanks her for doing a lot for him. He asks her to please sign the divorce papers. He tells that it will be better for them. Pakhi cries and agrees to him. Virat happily hugs her and thanks her. Pakhi suffers heartbreak and recalls the good times spent with Virat. Virat goes to meet his children. He apologizes to Vinayak. He tells that he has made a mistake to hurt Pakhi, he respects women and can never hurt anyone. He asks Vinayak to forgive him. Vinayak agrees and thinks Sai has explained Virat.

He is glad that Virat has realized his mistake. He knows Virat will make everything okay. Pakhi feels much pain when she signs the divorce paper. Sai calls Virat for a meeting. Virat happily rushes to meet Sai. He asks her about the matter. Sai takes a shocking decision. She tells that she has decided to marry and move on. He thanks her. She shocks him by revealing that she won’t marry him, but someone else. He asks who will she marry. He stops her from leaving and asks her to answer. He laughs that she has no answer so she is tricking him. He asks her who is the groom, and who is she going to marry. He asks Sai not to fool him. Sai tells that she is fed up with his mad drama.

She wants to go away from him. She knows that he will follow her everywhere. She tells him that she isn’t lying and that she is going to marry someone else. He doesn’t believe her. Virat gets mad for Sai. He confronts Sai about her relationship with Satya. Sai tells that Virat doesn’t deserve her love now. Sai breaks Virat’s heart and walks away from his life.

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