1 Preeran moment in Kundali Bhagya coming up

1 Preeran moment in Kundali Bhagya coming up

1 Preeran moment in Kundali Bhagya coming up Preeta guides Shaurya to shape up his future and make it better by learning from his mistakes. He is surprised that she didn’t scold him and gets angry at him. He tells that he has almost risked her life. She tells that he had risked the lives of many people, but she knows he didn’t do it intentionally. She asks him to admit his mistakes and repent for them so that he gets forgiven. She wants him to apologize and take a lesson from it. She explains that everyone makes mistakes, but it depends on them if they want to make it a sign of their crime or turn it into a good memory by learning from it.

She tells Shaurya that she hopes he understood her point. He gets touched when she holds his hand and advises him to take care of himself. Moreover, she blesses him and smiles sweetly. Her sweetness touches his heart. He wonders what’s their connection that fate made them meet twice and both times she has appeared kind towards him. He remembers their first meeting when she had blessed him. Preeta believes that Shaurya is innocent, he is just impulsive and immature. She shows her faith in him, saying that he is like her child. On the other hand, Karan doesn’t understand Shaurya as Preeta does. Karan is much upset that Preeta isn’t in their lives to handle them. He wanted Preeta with him to look after their son Shaurya.


He weeps that Preeta isn’t in his life and she isn’t in the world also. He wishes a miracle to occur and brings back Preeta to him. He tells Rishabh that Shaurya needs Preeta, she is his mother and only she could have handled him well. He adds that he misses Preeta in his life and when sees Shaurya committing such mistakes, he feels Preeta’s absence even more. Karan wants Shaurya to reform before it gets too late. Karan misses Preeta from his heart and makes a wish that she returns. Karan and Preeran are still connected by their heart. Karan wants Preeta to come back and take Shaurya’s responsibility. He isn’t aware of his other son Rajveer till now. Karan and Preeta’s meeting is much awaited in the show. Will Preeran meet because of the conflict between their sons? Keep reading.

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