Love story in Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Love story in Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Love story in Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2023 Written Update. Preeta tells Rajveer that Palki cares for him and worries a lot. She adds that Palki thinks good about him. He gets glad to know that Palki cares for him. He asks her if she is saying the truth. She says yes. He thinks of his moments with Palki and gets blushing. Preeta knows Rajveer also likes Palki but wants him to confess his feelings once. She can read his face but wants him to admit it. He says that he doesn’t want to go to Palki’s house. He makes an excuse that he needs time to be sure about Palki. Preeta praises Palki and expresses a wish to get him married to Palki.

Daljeet wants Ketan and his parents to see Palki and fix the alliance soon. She tells Mahi that she will prepare the snacks. She expects Palki to obey her and come to meet the guests. Palki gets upset knowing about the alliance. She doesn’t want to marry so soon. She has dreams of becoming a good doctor. Khurana learns about Palki and Ketan’s alliance. He tells Daljeet that he knows why she is doing this. She asks what he means. He replies that she is sacrificing their elder daughter’s dreams to fulfill their younger daughter’s career.


She denies it and tells that she loves Palki a lot as much as she loves Mahi. Rajveer and Palki’s love story begins. Shaurya also seems to be influenced by Palki. He wonders if it was a coincidence that he met her twice. Shaurya tries to stop himself from thinking about her, but she keeps flashing in his mind. Will Shaurya also fall for Palki, and form a love triangle? Keep reading for a full update.

Love story in Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2023 Written Update:

Shaurya wakes up and finds the day boring. He looks at himself in the mirror. He finds his passion in music. He plays the guitar and sings a song. The family loves his voice, music, and singing. They enjoy the music. Karan comments that Shaurya might have got drunk early in the morning. Bani asks him not to get angry with Shaurya. She tells that Karan is angry, Shaurya didn’t become a cricketer, but he is a good rap singer and quite famous also. Karan tells that Shaurya is famous because of him. Mahesh tells that every son is famous because of his father. Karan wants Shaurya to make his own identity and get serious about his life. Nidhi asks him to let them listen to Shaurya’s music.

Karan doesn’t understand what they are enjoying in pop music. The entire family swoons to the music while having their breakfast. Shaurya continues to sing. He praises himself and believes he is the best. Khurana gets surprised to see Ketan and his parents home. He asks them how they come suddenly. Ketan’s dad Bansal tells that he informed Daljeet before coming. Daljeet didn’t inform Khurana about it. She tells that she had a headache at night and forgot the important things to discuss. She asks them to have cold drinks until Palki comes. Khurana asks Daljeet to talk to him. Rajveer stops Preeta from going to Palki’s house. He tells that it’s not right to go there, or else Palki will think wrong.

She tells that it’s her right to help Rajveer. She adds that Palki thinks good for Rajveer and worries for him. He gets glad. He asks her if she is fooling him. She tells that she said the truth. She takes him to Palki’s home. Daljeet asks Khurana not to create a scene in front of Ketan’s family. He refuses to talk about the alliance, which isn’t good for Palki. He tells that Ketan and Palki aren’t a good match. She is sure that Palki will be happy with Ketan. He accuses her of sacrificing Palki to make Mahi’s career. She asks him how can he say this. She loves Palki and Mahi equally. He asks her why doesn’t he care for Palki’s future. She asks him not to blame her.

He tells that he knows when Ketan’s proposal came for Mahi and she had tried to fix Palki’s marriage. He rebukes her for cheating on him. She asks why did he not say anything. He tells that Daljeet had manipulated Palki with her sweet talks. He knows Palki doesn’t want to marry Ketan. He adds that he can’t sacrifice Palki for Mahi’s future. She tells that they can’t step back or else they will get insulted. He isn’t scared of defamation. She tells that she will not let it happen. She justifies her decision. She tells that Palki is her daughter and she will think good for her. Palki meets them. Daljeet does an emotional drama and weeps. Khurana asks Palki not to agree to the marriage.

Daljeet asks Palki to go and attend to the guests. Khurana gets disappointed and calls Daljeet an enemy of Palki. She gets angry at him. Preeta and Rajveer walk in and find the guests. They greet Ketan’s parents. Palki and Rajveer see each other. Preeta tells that Palki will become the perfect Bahu and bring prosperity to the family. Daljeet introduces herself and tells her that she is Palki and Mahi’s mom, but she appears like their elder sister. Preeta tells that she will come later. Daljeet asks Preeta to get seated. She tells Preeta that Ketan and Palki’s alliance was fixed a year ago and now Ketan has come to fix the marriage date. Rajveer gets upset about knowing this. He looks at Palki and turns sad.

Mahi wants to give the best looks to Ketan so that he casts her in a good movie. Preeta tells that Ketan is lucky to get Palki. She adds that if she met Palki before, then she would have got Rajveer married to Palki. She likes Palki and praises her qualities. She tells Daljeet that she will help her with the marriage arrangements. She asks about the marriage date. Ketan’s mum suggests that they keep an engagement ceremony soon. Palki observes Rajveer’s sadness on his face. Daljeet agrees with Ketan’s parents. Palki cries but keeps a smile on her face. Preeta finds Palki and Rajveer looking at each other and senses their love. What will Preeta do to help the lovers? Stay tuned.

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