Akshara pat answer in YRKKH awakens Abhimanyu

Akshara pat answer in YRKKH awakens Abhimanyu

Akshara pat answer in YRKKH awakens Abhimanyu. YRKKH 22nd April 2023 Written Update. Abhimanyu shouts that he is Abhir’s doctor and his father too. He stuns Akshara with his questions. He asks her why did she keep him away from his son, when she knew that he wanted to become a good father, after having a spoilt relationship with Harsh. He tells that it’s wrong to keep a son away from a father. He asks her to answer, that Abhir is his son. He wants to know why did she hide the truth from him. He tells that he always felt a connection with Abhir, but didn’t get any answer. He asks her if she didn’t think of telling the truth to him on seeing Abhir and his bond. He wanted a right on Abhir to care and worry for Abhir.

He blames her for snatching his rights. He tells that he couldn’t tell anyone about his relationship with Abhir, because he didn’t know what’s a relationship called. He now knows that Abhir is his blood. He asks her to answer him. He has no right to Akshara but tells that he has a right on knowing Abhir’s truth. He tells that Harsh and his relationship was painful, and he wanted to become a good father for his twins, it was his dream to raise them well, but Akshara has snatched his rights and dream. He asks her why she cheats and punishes him. He calls it a revenge move after he removed her from his life.


He tells that he accepted whatever she told him, he is a bad husband, but not a bad father. He gets emotional. He adds that she can’t change the truth. He tells her that she is speechless because she did sin. Akshara breaks her silence and answers him. She tells that she had no reason to tell him the truth. He wants to know why. She is ready to answer his questions and explain the truth. She adds that she will tell the truth, but asks him if he is ready to hear it out. He asks her to say. She tells that she didn’t tell him the truth because he just has a blood relationship with Abhir, but he isn’t Abhir’s real father, Abhinav is his father. Abhimanyu tells that he is Abhir’s father.

She tells that he is just a biological father, but he didn’t keep his duty and responsibility, he thought that only he had lost his twins and she didn’t lose anything. She explains that she had lost her baby too, but he felt his pain is bigger. She reminds him that he blamed her for Neil’s death and their babies’ loss, he removed her from his life and called it over, he didn’t think of her for a moment and got insensitive. She tells that when she got to know about her baby’s survival, she called him repeatedly, but he didn’t answer. She adds that he answered a call and shouted at her, and he changed her world. She reminds their phone conversation.

She tells that he didn’t listen to her words and ended the phone call. She makes him realize his mistake. She tells that she wanted his support during her pregnancy, but his anger was much more than her pain. She tells that her decision is bigger than his right. She decides that he isn’t Abhir’s father. He asks her not to punish him. She tells that he had punished her by abandoning her. She reveals the past when she met Abhinav on the bus, who helped her for the sake of humanity, she doubted him and slapped him, but he didn’t step back, he took care of her, made her delivery possible, and saved Abhir’s life.

She tells that Abhinav had no relationship with her, but he has saved her child, he kept Abhir in his arms for two days and cared for him, and he deserved to become Abhir’s father. She explains that Abhinav gave a new life to Abhir, so she mentioned Abhinav’s name on the birth certificate as Abhir’s father. She tells that she has given the right to Abhinav, who is the only person deserving of Abhir. She praises Abhinav who has always done a father’s duty for Abhir. She tells Abhimanyu that he can never be Abhir’s father. She hopes that he got his answers. She takes the file from his hand. He tells that she is right, and Abhinav is also right, but still, he has a right to his son which nobody can snatch.

She tells that relationships don’t mean having rights. She shares her fear that she was scared of this moment when he learns the truth. She doesn’t have any fear now. She tells that Abhinav and she are taking Abhir to the US. She asks Abhimanyu to do what he feels is right, and she will do what she feels is right. Abhimanyu breaks down, while she leaves. He thinks his rights are snatched from him. He thinks of Abhir and weeps. He apologizes to Abhir and hugs him. He tells that Abhir is his son. Abhimanyu imagines Abhir with him. He decides to stop Abhir from going away from him.

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