1 Awesome twist in YRKKH Abhi astonishes Akshara

1 Awesome twist in YRKKH Abhi astonishes Akshara

1 Awesome twist in YRKKH Abhimanyu astonishes Akshara and justifies his emotions. Abhimanyu gets to face the harsh reality when Akshara counts his mistakes and makes him realize that whatever he has lost in his life is because of his anger and ego. She doesn’t take any blame on herself, because she had made earnest attempts to reach Abhimanyu in the past. She asks him to do anything he wants to do. She adds that she will do the rightful thing according to her beliefs. Akshara prefers to get away from Abhimanyu’s life and also take Abhir with her. Abhimanyu feels he has become a father six years ago, but he wasn’t aware of the truth and when he got to know the truth now, his right to fatherhood is getting snatched.

He feels terrible and regrets his loss, even more, when he finds some father-son bonds around. He dreams of his emotional union with Abhir, when the latter acknowledges him as his father. He hugs Abhir out of joy and pleasure. He feels he has forgotten all the pain in a single moment when Abhir comes to him. He loves Abhir a lot. He calls Abhir his junior and his son. He apologizes to him. He tells that he didn’t know before that he is Abhir’s father, but now that he knows about it, he will give the world’s happiness to Abhir. He appears extremely happy and cherishes his union with Abhir.


When his daydream breaks, Abhimanyu is left all alone with the sorrow of losing Abhir due to his mad mistakes. He wants Abhir in his life. He meets Akshara at the Goenka house and finds her packing Abhir’s bags for the US trip. She tells him that they are going to the US tomorrow and that’s final. He replies that his son will not go anywhere, Abhir will stay in Udaipur and get treated by his father. He says that is final. He adds that he will come tomorrow. He stops Akshara and Abhinav from leaving. He informs the Goenkas that the US surgeon who was supposed to perform Abhir’s surgery is not available. He persuades them to stop Akshara from leaving and continue Abhir’s treatment at the Birla Hospital. Keep reading and stay tuned for more news and spoilers.

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