Huge peril in Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Huge peril in Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd April 2023 Written Update

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Huge peril in Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd April 2023 Written Update. Lakshmi slaps the guard intentionally so that she can get the attention of the police. The guard refuses to call the police and tells that she is aware of the fact, Lakshmi is carrying a bomb in her bag and she has to go ahead to meet the minister. Lakshmi is stunned and realizes that the security guards are also assisting the goons in their dangerous mission. Rishi cries about missing Lakshmi. He tells that he will miss her a lot and he wishes he could keep her with him if it was possible. He knows that he can’t stop her even if he wants to. The goon threatens Lakshmi and asks her to carry the bag ahead, or else she will get killed and even her family will die. Lakshmi feels badly trapped.

He asks her to just follow his instructions if she loves her country’s people. He tells her that if she acts smart, then the blast will happen in the ministry office and also in the city. He asks her to take responsibility if thousands of innocent people die. Lakshmi weeps on hearing this. The goon threatens her about her family too. Neelam asks Rishi and Malishka to go out together. She convinces Rishi to be with Malishka. She doesn’t want Rishi to be anywhere around Lakshmi and fall into trouble while protecting Lakshmi from her Kundali problem. Rishi agrees to go with Malishka.

Neelam asks Malishka to take Rishi’s phone and keep it with her so that Lakshmi doesn’t call or connect to Rishi. Malishka thanks Neelam for the wonderful idea. She isn’t aware of Neelam’s plan. A goon in disguise attacks the minister’s man in the washroom. Lakshmi tries to seek help but to no avail.

Earlier in the show, Rano wants Shalu and Bani to accept Vikrant for Lakshmi. She believes he will keep Lakshmi happy. She asks them to let the marriage happen, or else Lakshmi will be humiliated in the Oberoi house, where everyone wishes badly for her. She adds that Rishi has divorced Lakshmi, and it’s better if Lakshmi settles down with Vikrant. She tells them that Rishi will never marry Lakshmi, and asks them to stop trying.

Huge peril in Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd April 2023 Written Update:

Vikrant thanks his mom. She tells that she has done this because she loves him a lot. He says that he will always remember her favors. She scolds him when he thanks her again. She asks him to go and help Saloni. He cancels his meetings. The goons want to spread terror and wait for Lakshmi. They praise their boss, who has gone inside the meet the minister. The chief takes a disguise and asks the man to take him to Dayasagar. The man asks him to wait for some time. The chief waits for Lakshmi’s entry into the waiting hall. Rishi waits for Lakshmi’s call. He thinks of calling her.

Virender comes to ask him about Lakshmi’s call. Rishi tells that he isn’t worried, because Lakshmi is strong and can handle any situation. Virender tells that they have to keep patience because Lakshmi will soon go away from them and they will just have her good memories. He breaks down and hugs Rishi. Rishi also cries and thinks of Lakshmi. He tells that he would have kept her with him forever if he could, but it’s not possible because of his grave mistake. He admits that he loves Lakshmi a lot.

The guard scolds Lakshmi and hurts her. Lakshmi tells that they can save people’s lives by informing the police about the bomb. The guard tells her that she knows about the bomb and that she is a part of the goons’ gang. She tells Lakshmi about their boss’ order and tries to scare her. She threatens Lakshmi about her family. Lakshmi cries in fear. The guard sends her ahead and gives her clearance for the bag carrying the explosive. The goon asks her to go inside and follow his instructions, or else he will kill her and many innocent people, including her family. She doesn’t care for her own life and begs him to spare the people. Lakshmi thinks to inform the police but suspects that the police are also involved. The goon tricks Lakshmi into believing that the policemen are also working for their boss. He asks her to go ahead.

Lakshmi looks for her phone to call Rishi. She learns that her phone got stolen. The goon tells that he has taken her phone to inform her family and call them for further assistance in their plan. She wonders what to do to save everyone. She tries to explain the threatening situation to an old man and inform the police. She sees the goon around and thinks the old man’s life will fall in danger if she tells him anything. She goes to meet the minister. A senior Inspector meets the minister and leaves from there. He gets suspicious about the goons’ chief. Neelam doesn’t want Rishi to rush to help Lakshmi, even if the need is urgent. She wants to keep her son safe. She thinks to take Rishi’s phone from him.

She goes to meet him and finds him worried for Lakshmi. He wants Lakshmi to inform him about her well-being. Neelam doesn’t want Rishi to suspect her. Malishka comes to argue with Rishi and asks him not to give his office work to Lakshmi. She tells that she would have handled the matter better than Lakshmi. She speaks negatively about Lakshmi. He asks her what problem she has with Lakshmi. He adds that Lakshmi is capable and she is still a part of the family. He asks her not to call Lakshmi a loser. He doesn’t want her to compare herself with Laskhmi. Malishka gets upset. She asks Neelam to control Rishi. He asks Malishka to stop playing the blame game.

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