Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update Painful

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update Painful

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2023 Written Update Painful. Pallavi and Dida console Rhea and hug her. Rhea tells that they will find Ranbir. They pray for Ranbir’s safety. Akshay asks the driver about the nearby hospitals. The driver tells that 7-8 hospitals are around. Akshay wonders how will he find Prachi. He calls Ashok. Ashok serves the tea to Dadi. Sahana asks him to attend the call. He attends the call. Akshay asks him to find out where is Prachi, and to which hospital is she admitted. Ashok asks what is he saying. Akshay tells him about Khushi’s kidnapping and Prachi getting shot in the rescue mission. Ashok tells that he will find out by using his contacts. Dadi and Sahana also worry for Ashok. Sahana calls Akshay to know the matter.

Ashok tries to find out about Prachi. Prachi and Ranbir see Khushi and cry. Ranbir tells that this happened because of him because Khushi came in front to save him. He breaks down. Prachi consoles him. He tells that if anything happens to Khushi, then he will also die. Prachi asks him not to say that. He tells that he met Khushi at a signal and he didn’t know Khushi will become so important in his life. He cries in pain and admits that he is in much pain. He asks Prachi to save Khushi. She asks him not to cry. She consoles him. She tells that Khushi is a strong girl. She adds that they have to stay strong to take care of Khushi, she came into their lives for a reason and they have to keep hope.


She is hopeful that nothing will happen to Khushi. She asks him to stop crying. They both console each other. Ashok informs Akshay about a girl admitted to the city hospital. Akshay thanks him and informs Rhea to reach the city hospital. Ashok gets hurt. He tells that he got a sprain and he will come later in his car. He asks Dadi and Sahana to go to see Prachi. Prachi and Ranbir become each other’s support in sorrow. He asks her not to console him because she is also crying a lot. He tells that she can’t fall weak. He explains that he was crying and he was consoling Prachi. He doesn’t want her to shatter. She apologizes to him. She tells that she didn’t wish to fall weak, but she doesn’t know the reason.

He apologizes to her if he has told her anything wrong. He promises that everything will get fine. Rhea, Pallavi, and Dida reach Ranbir and get glad that he is fine. Rhea asks him if he was shot. He tells that he is absolutely fine. She hugs him and weeps. She tells that she was going mad in fear of losing him. Prachi gets to see them and turns upset. Rhea is much relieved to see him okay. Pallavi tells that even she got much worried for him. He tells them that Khushi came in front of him and took the bullet on her to save his life. They get worried for Khushi. Dida asks him if is Khushi okay. He tells that Khushi is in ICU.

They see Khushi and cry. He asks Rhea to stop crying. Rhea hugs him. Prachi realizes that Ranbir has become Rhea’s world. She decides to walk away. Ranbir wants to stop Prachi. Rhea asks Ranbir not to worry about Khushi. He thanks her. He runs after Prachi. He tells that he is going to the reception where Prachi is going. He stumbles and holds her hand. He asks her not to leave his hand because he needs her. She tells that she will fill out the form. Akshay gets relief from seeing Prachi alive and fine. Ranbir gets to see Akshay’s love for Prachi when Akshay weeps emotionally. He tells that he felt Prachi got shot and he was so scared of losing her. He requests her to never leave him, or else he will die. He hugs her and weeps.

Prachi consoles him. Ranbir watches them from afar. He gets upset. Rhea goes to the temple to pray for Khushi, who saved Ranbir’s life. She thanks Matarani for saving Ranbir’s life. She loves Ranbir a lot. She tells that Ranbir and Kohlis are her families now. She decides to keep a Nirjala fast for Khushi. Prachi asks Akshay if is he okay. He apologizes that he got much emotional, but he couldn’t stop himself, his fear was conquering his mind, he was afraid of losing her and he felt everything is over. He confesses his feelings for Prachi. He is so happy that she is okay.

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