1 special twist in Anupama coming next week

1 special twist in Anupama coming next week

1 special twist in Anupama coming next week. Anuj and Anupama think of each other and shed tears. They recollect their best moments. Anu meets Anuj and tells him that she learned about his surprise. She adds that she wants to go with Anuj. She asks Maya to come along. Maya wants Anu to get stubborn. She thinks to accompany Anuj. Anuj refuses to Anu and tells that he will finish work and come back soon. Anu asks him to say I love you to Anupama from her side. She requests him to get Anupama along. Maya asks Anuj if he will come back after finishing his work. Anuj tells that he doesn’t know how much time is required to sort the sort.

He asks her not to ask him. Anu wishes she meets Anuj and Anupama at once. Maya informs Barkha about Anuj’s departure. Pakhi tells Barkha that she is coming to the office to make Anuj and Anupama patch up. Barkha learns that the meeting time has changed and Anuj is coming at 4 PM. Pakhi taunts that Barkha’s plan has failed. She wants Anuj and Anupama to come back home. She wishes happiness to return to the Kapadia house. Kanta and Bhavesh find Anupama disturbed. Anuj feels unwell. The driver asks him if he is okay.


Anuj tells that he is okay. Pakhi comes to meet Anupama. She informs Anupama that Barkha is planning to keep Anuj and Anupama away. She reveals that she shifted to Kapadia’s house. Anupama is shocked to know Barkha’s plan. Vanraj wishes to get Anupama back in his life. He feels Anuj has gone away from Anupama, and Anirudh has got close to Kavya, it’s for a reason and it’s his fate that’s uniting him with Anupama. He wishes she returns to his life and brings good luck. Anuj lands in the city. He feels his heart has brought him back to meet Anupama, but he can’t face her. He imagines Anupama there and weeps.

Anupama feels proud of Pakhi. Pakhi asks her to forget the past and not keep any ego when she meets Anuj. She tells that Anupama should meet Anuj at the office and try to make things fine between them. Leela asks Vanraj why is he worried. Kavya tells that Vanraj is worried that Anuj is going to meet Anupama. She taunts Vanraj. Hasmukh tells that it will be good and beneficial if Anuj meets Anupama. Vanraj doesn’t want them to meet and unite. Barkha plans to do something to stop Maan’s meeting. 1 special twist in Anupama coming next week when Anuj and Anupama will finally come face to face, despite Maya, Vanraj, and Barkha’s united efforts to stop their meeting.


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