Kundali Bhagya 1st May 2023 Written Update Major drama

Kundali Bhagya 1st May 2023 Written Update Major drama

Kundali Bhagya 1st May 2023 Written Update Major drama. Karan and Nidhi reach the award function. They don’t find Shaurya there. They get seated and wait for Shaurya to come. Nidhi tells him that Shaurya is on the way. After some time, Karan bursts his anger and asks her not to justify Shaurya’s actions. He says that Shaurya didn’t come by now when she said he is on the way, which means she has lied. He adds that they are here at the award function for Shaurya’s sake who didn’t come.

He asks where Shaurya is. Nidhi gets speechless. Karan gets disappointed with Shaurya’s absence. Shaurya is at the jewelry store. He tells Rajveer that Palki has stolen the necklace and it’s found in her bag. He asks the manager to get Palki arrested. He thinks Rajveer has a soft corner for Palki, and this will be his revenge on both of them altogether. Rajveer worries when the police come there. The Inspector asks who Palki is. Palki gets scared of facing an arrest. Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya 1st May 2023.


Radha Mohan:

Damini traps Radha in cold storage. Radha shouts for help. She finds it hard to save herself. She looks for some escape route. She recollects Mohan’s words when he asks her not to show her face again and go away from his life like Tulsi left him. She asks someone to help her out. She falls. She tells that if anything happens to her then Mohan can’t forgive himself. She tells that she will not die today. She waits for some miracle to save her life. How will Mohan save Radha’s life? Will Radha survive this huge peril? Watch the latest promo of the show below.

Kundali Bhagya 1st May 2023 Written Update Major drama:

Rajveer asks Ketan to trust Palki because he is going to marry her. Ketan refuses to believe her. Palki asks Jasbeer not to call her mom. Shaurya asks Sanju to see the fear on Palki’s face. He tells that Palki’s attitude has got ruined. Palki doesn’t want her parents to worry. Jasbeer scolds her and lectures on her upbringing and values. Palki asks her to believe her, as she didn’t steal anything. Daljeet makes Mahi ready for the photoshoot. Mahi gets busy with the photo shoot. She is shocked to know that her face won’t come in the pictures of the bridal lehenga. She turns much upset.

Daljeet gets into an argument with them. The lady tells that they have to focus on the lehenga and earrings, not on the model’s face. Daljeet gets angered at knowing about the contract. She answers Jasbeer’s call. Jasbeer tells about Palki’s crime. Daljeet doesn’t hear anything. She asks Jasbeer to do anything she wants. Jasbeer tells Palki that Daljeet doesn’t care for her. Ketan tells that he will leave. Shaurya stops Palki from leaving. He asks the manager to call the cops. Rajveer tells that Palki didn’t do any robbery. He defends her. Shaurya argues with them.

Shaurya asks Rajveer not to act innocent because the manager has got the necklace from Palki’s bag. He adds that he had faith in Palki, but she broke his trust. He wants the law to be the same for everyone. He tells that he got jailed because of Rajveer, then why can’t Palki get jailed? Rajveer tells that Shaurya is the most unwanted person around. Shaurya asks why Rajveer come around. He tells that he has come to buy a necklace for his mom. He gets the call from the organizer. He tells that he will be there shortly. He adds that he wants to stay back and watch the drama, but he has to go to an award function. He taunts Palki about the police and leaves. She tells Rajveer that Shaurya wanted to see her in jail.

She adds that she is innocent. Rajveer tells that he knows it. Karan argues with Nidhi in anger. He tells that she isn’t making Shaurya a better person and she is just spoiling him. Nidhi asks him not to overreact. Karan asks why didn’t she tell him the truth. He tells that Shaurya didn’t come till now, she shouldn’t cover his mistakes, because he needs to change. He rebukes her for supporting Shaurya all the time. Sanju tells that Shaurya has done a great thing. Shaurya tells that he will miss Palki’s arrest. He asks Sanju to stay back and record the drama. Sanju tells that he wants to see Shaurya receive the award. Shaurya tells that once the award function ends, they will visit Palki at the police station.

Sanju asks how did he put the necklace in Palki’s bag. Shaurya tells that it was his magic. He leaves there. Rajveer argues with the manager. He tells that he knows Palki well and she can’t do such a thing. The manager tells that money makes a person greedy. Rajveer tells that he knows someone who is the heir to a rich family, but he doesn’t want money but a simple life, because a person can earn money but not peace. He asks the manager to stop the police and save Palki’s reputation. Police arrive there and ask about Palki. Shaurya reaches the award function with Sanju. Sanju doesn’t get an entry inside. He tells that he is Shaurya’s friend.

The girl doesn’t let him go inside. She asks him to get aside and let others go in. Shaurya takes selfies with the girls. Sanju tells Shaurya that the girl isn’t letting her go inside. Shaurya asks him to come along. He jokes that he doesn’t know him. He tells that Sanju is his friend. He asks Sanju not to be upset. The manager tells Inspector about Palki. Rajveer tells that Palki didn’t do anything. He argues with them. Ketan asks Rajveer what is his problem.

Palki sticks to Rajveer who is her only supporter. Rajveer gets an idea and sees the CCTV camera. He tells that they have a CCTV camera in the store and they can check the footage to find the truth. The manager tells that they don’t need to check the footage. Rajveer tells that they should check the footage once and find out the truth instead of doing injustice to an innocent person. Palki and Rajveer get hopeful.


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