Maya crazy act in Anupama is the next big drama

Maya crazy act in Anupama is the next big drama

Maya crazy act in Anupama is the next big drama. Anuj tells Vanraj that he will soon come back for Anupama. He adds that he had told Anupama not to keep any hope of his return, but he will now come back for the sake of Anupama’s love. He wants her to wait for him and never let the hope die. He promises to return and fix everything between Anupama and him. He tells that he will come back very soon. Anupama is delighted to hear the assurance from Anuj. Anuj happily tells that he loves Anupama more than himself and his life. Anupama is grateful to him. She feels confident hearing Anuj. She is glad that her love has won over Anuj’s sorrow and anger.

Vanraj and Leela aren’t happy with Anuj and Anupama’s patch-up, just like Maya who witnesses Anuj’s conversation and gets mad. Anupama hugs Samar and Kinjal. She returns home to give the good news to Kanta and Bhavesh. She tells them that her Anuj is coming back and now they don’t need to worry for her. Anuj tells Anu that he is going back to Anupama. He thanks Anu for clearing the misunderstanding that had drawn a line between Anupama and him. He hugs Anu who wishes him all the best for his new beginning with Anupama. Anuj doesn’t want to upset Anupama once again. He packs his bags and gears up to leave at the earliest.


He gathers the courage to face Anupama and apologize to her. Kavya finds Vanraj upset. She says that Anuj will come and will happily take Anupama home by giving her all the respect she deserves. Vanraj says that Anuj didn’t come yet, he just said he will come and there is a big difference. Maya shows her craze for Anuj once again. She applies sindoor to her hairline and says that she loves Anuj a lot. She decides to not let Anuj return to Anupama. She wears the mangalsutra and smiles in an evil way. Maya’s crazy twist will be the next big one in the show.


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