Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2023 Written Update Grahpravesh

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2023 Written Update Grahpravesh

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2023 Written Update Prachi’s surprising Grahpravesh in Kohli house. Laali says that she will stoop to her level and not let Ranbir and Prachi get Khushi. She says that she will show them what she can do, and she will never let them stay happy with Khushi. She challenges them and asks them to do anything they want because Khushi is an orphan. Balbeer says that he had kidnapped Khushi from Meera’s orphanage. He narrates the story of how he had gone to kidnap a young girl, and saw the baby alone, he took the baby for Laali because the latter was insisting on him for a child. Ranbir and Prachi cry that they are Khushi’s parents, but she is called an orphan. They can’t tell anyone that Khushi is their daughter. They want to get Khushi in their lives.

The happiness gets short-lived when the orphanage lady Meera comes to Kohli’s house and demands Khushi back. She asks the family to send Khushi with her. Kohlis are stunned by the orphanage’s intervention in Khushi’s matter all of a sudden. Later, Ranbir and Prachi return to Kohli’s house after completing the formalities at the police station. The aarti plate falls. Prachi steps on the spilled Kumkum and walks inside the house, leaving her footprints on the floor.


Ranbir, Akshay, Rhea, and entire family members are shocked to see Prachi’s Grahpravesh ritual done unknowingly. Prachi enters Ranbir’s life again only because of their daughter Khushi. Ranbir so wishes Prachi to come back home and live with him. What will happen to Rhea and Akshay, who are madly in love with Ranbir and Prachi? Keep reading for a full update on Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2023 coming shortly once the episode airs on Zee5.

Radha Mohan 3rd May 2023 Update:

Radha is hurt by recalling Mohan’s words. Mohan feels tortured to bear the marriage relationship formed in a helpless situation. Radha questions Mohan if he doesn’t love her. Damini watches their conversation live and enjoys it. Radha hides the tense matter from Gungun. Tulsi is happy to see Gungun happy. After the ugly arguments with Mohan, Radha decides to go home alone. The goon thinks it’s a good chance for him to settle scores with Radha. Radha doesn’t want Mohan to fall prey to Damini. She decides to rush home. Damini asks the goons to kill Radha because she is alone at this time. She tells that he should knock down Radha and make the murder appear as an accident. The goon goes to hit Radha.

Damini asks the goon to speed up the car and kill Radha. Mohan reaches Radha and saves her life unknowingly. Damini gets angered seeing Mohan back. Mohan tells Radha that he has come to pick her up. Radha asks him not to tolerate her burden. She wants him to stay happy without her. She curses herself. Mohan asks her to just sit in the car. He tells that he doesn’t care if Radha leaves his life, but Gungun wants Radha as her mother. He tells that he is just thinking of his daughter Gungun, who is waiting for them. He puts her in the car and takes her home. Damini is confident that Radha and Mohan’s fight will spoil their relationship forever. She adds that they will soon get separated.

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2023 Written Update Grahpravesh:

Balbeer, Laali and Wilson are in lockup. Laali loves Balbeer for using his mind and spoiling Ranbir and Prachi’s happiness. Balbeer tells that he offered Khushi to them, and asked them not to file the case, but they didn’t agree. Laali wonders why didn’t they reject the great offer. She calls them fools. Wilson asks how will they go out now. Shakti and Tiger get into an argument. Tiger realizes their sin and feels apologetic. Laali scolds him. He feels Laali won’t get a place in hell. He wishes that Khushi gets her real parents. Shakti asks Tiger to stop the nonsense.

Laali says that she will not give Khushi to Ranbir and Prachi. Kohlis reach the police station. Prachi asks them why did they come here. Sahana tells that the orphanage ladies have come home for Khushi. Pallavi tells that they had come to take Khushi. She informs Ranbir that Meera wants to take Khushi with them because the police have informed the matter to her. Pallavi doesn’t want anyone to take Khushi away. The nurse tells that Khushi is under observation for a day. Meera asks them to let Khushi take a rest. She says that she will meet them tomorrow. Ranbir tells Pallavi that they got to learn the truth today that Balbeer had stolen Khushi from an orphanage. Prachi worries for her daughter.

Pallavi asks Ranbir if Meera will take away Khushi. He tells that he will not let anyone take Khushi. Prachi also tells that she will protect Khushi. They want to be with Khushi. Prachi tells that she will go to Kohli’s house. She wants to keep Khushi with her. She feels Ranbir can’t snatch Khushi from her. Vikram gets surprised to see Aryan at the door. Aryan tells that he got late. The maid gets the Kumkum from the temple for Dida’s prayers. Vikram tells Aryan that Khushi is at their house, so much happened when Aryan was away. The maid pulls Aryan’s bag and drops the puja plate by mistake. The Kumkum gets spilled on the floor. Aryan puts the phone on charging.

He drops the glass of water on the floor. He apologizes. Vikram tells that Khushi is sleeping. Ranbir, Prachi, and the family members come home. Ranbir and Prachi enter the house together. Prachi doesn’t see the Kumkum on the floor and steps on it. She leaves her footprints on the floor. Everyone looks on surprised. Akshay tells that it’s okay, Prachi can go and wash her feet to clear the stains. Prachi remembers her Grahpravesh with Ranbir. She recalls that Rhea is going to marry Ranbir. She pours water on the floor and cleans the footprints. She tells that stains shouldn’t be there. Akshay tells that he didn’t mean to upset her. She goes to wash her feet. Ranbir asks Rhea if is she okay. Rhea also leaves. Prachi tells Sahana that she is okay. Sahana asks her to be honest with her and share her feelings.

She asks Prachi to stop pretending normal. Prachi hugs her and cries. Sahana asks her to say what she is feeling. Prachi tells that she is feeling very strange. She adds that she didn’t wish to come to Ranbir’s house, but she is helpless. She knows few things aren’t written in fate. She wants to control her heart which keeps the hope of a reunion. She tells herself that she has to accept fate for her mental peace.

Ranbir hears Prachi telling Sahana that one has to forget the past and move on. Prachi calls Khushi her life. She wants to bring Khushi into her life and family. Ranbir wants to keep Khushi with him. He tells that Prachi has gone away, but he won’t lose Khushi. Pallavi finds Rhea crying. They talk about Prachi’s entry into the house. Pallavi tells that she is proud of Prachi who poured water and cleared the footprints. She asks Rhea to forget the past and move on with Ranbir. Rhea agrees. Pallavi hugs her. Ranbir sees Khushi and cries thinking of their first meeting. He turns emotional.

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